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Gloucester Profile
GloucesterGloucester Profile

Gloucester Profile

Gloucester Profile

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Gloucester, like Orleans, is your average suburban neighbourhood --except it’s less expensive to rent or buy real-estate and isn’t located at the very edge of the city. It is one of the oldest and most affordable neighbourhoods to live in in Ottawa, and a great place for younger families to snag their first home. Gloucester is a relatively diverse, relaxed, family community, home to large business lots, retirement homes, town homes, elementary and high schools, department stores, family restaurants, Blair Mall, St.Laurent Mall, and one very large movie theatre. One might even say Gloucester is a great place to run errands and then go see a matinee, all in one trip.

One thing to be said about Gloucester is that the food choice there is endless. There are countless restaurants with food from all over the world. Whatever you’re craving, there is a pretty good chance you can find it in Gloucester.

Being located just a 10 minute drive away from the downtown core, it makes it very easy to have the best of both worlds, and makes for a very easy commute in and out of town, whether you’re driving or taking the bus. However, if you’re looking to be somewhere where walking from place-to-place is easier than driving, then this is not the neighbourhood for you. Gloucester is a driver-friendly area, where everything is evenly spread out, and there is enough parking-lot to go around. It’s far enough from downtown to be considered a quiet, friendly suburb, but close enough that escaping to somewhere a tad livelier could be an easy possibility.

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