Best PicksHoliday Shopping For Your Four-Legged Friends

Holiday Shopping For Your Four-Legged Friends

Holiday Shopping For Your Four-Legged Friends

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With the holidays just around the corner, shoppers are working hard to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. More often than not, that list includes gifts for their fur-baby! We've created a roundup of gift ideas to help you find that perfect something for your four-legged friend. Whether you’re shopping for animal loving friends, family members who own pets, or even just your own furry companion, we’ve got some amazing gift ideas that are sure to be a hit!

While most of these items are geared towards dogs, some can double perfectly as a gift for our feline friends!

Messy Mutts Pet Beds

Gone are the days where pet beds are unattractive and stinky! Messy Mutts has a line of pet beds that are not only drool-worthy, but come infused with EVERFRESH® technology that provides a natural solution to fighting pet odors. Beneficial probiotics are bonded to the durable upholstery, and are activated when they come in contact with moisture and bacteria to fight odors. This technology is not only people and pet safe, but also environmentally safe.

Currently available in various designs, shapes, and colours for dogs of all sizes, Messy Mutts will be releasing a line of fashionable cat beds for your spoiled feline friends in January 2018! These beds will feature the same odor-fighting fabrics to keep your home looking, and smelling, fresh.

Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain 

Our pets are naturally drawn to fresh, moving water, and often enough don’t get enough water each day. Give your pet the very best with the Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain from PetSafe! This gorgeous ceramic fountain provides your pet with up to 2L of fresh water, filtered through two filters, including a foam filter to remove debris and hair, and an active carbon filter to get rid of any smells and chlorine. The fountain is super easy to assemble and disassemble and the ceramic components have the added bonus of being top-rack dishwasher safe.

Available online on the PetSafe website, and, as well as at various pet product retailers across Canada.

Precious Metal Prints

Immortalize a loved one and keep them close no matter where you are. Precious Metal Prints lets you keep a moment in time with you forever in the form of gorgeous, wearable jewelry. Create a custom pendant of your child’s fingerprint, or even make a unique pendant of your pet’s nose. Simply mix the putty in the creation kit together, press gently against your dog's nose, and allow to dry. Once the mold is set, send it off to Precious Metal Prints and they will create a beautiful custom pendant just for you! Each piece is made to order in Knoxville, Tennessee and is 100% unique!

Have a big dog with an even bigger nose? Check out my unique nose print necklace below!

Still gorgeous, even if it is only a part of my nose!


You never know when bath time might be with your pup. Thankfully, now you can take bath time with you anytime and anywhere with BarkBath! This portable bathing kit includes specially designed nozzles that help you get water and soap underneath your pet’s fur, while a gentle suction sucks up dirty water without any mess! BarkBath uses significantly less water than traditional bathing methods. Only 40oz of water is needed to clean an 80lb dog!

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher 

Take playtime to the next level with PetSafe's Automatic Ball Launcher! With nine different distance settings, and six ball angle settings, you can shoot tennis balls between 2.5 and 9m far, and at angles up to 45 degrees. Special safety settings keep you and your pooch safe with motion sensors that prevent the ball from being launched when a person or pet is in front of it. The ball launcher is water resistant for indoor and outdoor play, and holds up to three standard-sized tennis balls for endless fun. It can be used while plugged into the wall via a power cord, or can be used cord-free and on the go with 6 D-call batteries.

Available online on the PetSafe website, and, as well as at various pet product retailers across Canada.

Crafts by Keri Custom Pet Ornament

Have you met my mini-me?

What could possibly be cuter than your pet? How about a hand-crafted miniature of them? Now you can get a custom needle felted miniature of your beloved friend from Crafts by Keri! Hand-made right here in Ottawa, these miniatures are created based on photos of your cat, dog, or any other fuzzy animal. Request a custom order, or choose from many adorable breeds of cats and dogs. We guarantee this will please any animal lover!

EDIT: Please note that custom orders for the holiday season are now full, and a waitlist is being made for January. You can still purchase felted ornaments of numerous breeds on her Etsy shop.

Dibsies Personalized Paw Stockings

Get your pet in on the holiday fun by getting them their own stocking from Dibsies Personalization Station! These utterly adorable stockings come in the shape of a paw, bone, or regular stocking and have plenty of space for treats and toys. Available for both our canine friends and feline overlords. Does your pet already have a stocking? Why not get them a personalized ornament instead? Dibsies Personalization Station has six different ornaments for cats and dogs that you can customize to have your pet’s name on!

Bad Tags Holiday Line Up

Keep your pet safe and stylish this holiday season with Bad Tags! Their new holiday line up includes some adorable new designs, as well as old favourites! Each tag features a fun quote or cute design on the front, and can fit up for four lines of important text on the back. Made with a premium aluminum core covered in a special water coating to keep your tag looking spic-and-span no matter what your pup gets into.

Orivet Genetic Test Kits

Now here’s a gift that’s definitely different from the rest! Know someone that owns a mixed-breed dog, or looking to find out what breed your own dog is? Why not gift them with a genetic test kit from Orivet? Orivet, a leading international personalized medicine and genetics testing organization, offers various test kits to help you learn more about your pet’s breed background, screen for any diseases, create a DNA profile, and more! Available for both cats and dogs, Orivet helps pet owners plan for the best possible life for their fur baby, without any invasive technology. All they need to do is swab the inside of their pet’s mouth and send the swabs to their labs for testing. All results are then uploaded to the pet’s online dashboard for easy access for them and their vet.

Thinking of buying a kit for you or a friend? Use the code PETGIFT17 at checkout to get 20% off your purchase! This discount is good for the purchase of Orivet’s Dog Breed Identification Test Plus Life Plan, or the Cat DNA Screen Plus Life Plan. This code is valid until January 15th, 2018.

Rescue Me 2018 Calendar

This season, why not give the gift of charity? Perfect for animal lovers, profits from the Rescue Me calendar benefits two local animal rescues, Freedom Dog Rescue and Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. Available in both feline and canine editions, both calendars can be purchased at various outlets around Ottawa.

You can find a gorgeous photo of yours truly in the month of September!

HandsOn Gloves

Keep your pet’s shedding under control with the HandsOn Glove. Gentle scrubbing nodules on the palm and fingers help comb through pet hair while picking up loose hairs that can be disposed of with a flick of the wrist. These grooming gloves can be used on a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and horses. Available in a range of sizes including junior sizes.

Solvit Pet Safety Seat

Take your pet with you everywhere you go? Keep them safe when driving to and from the dog park with Solvit's Pet Safety Seat! This safety seat integrates with your car's seat belt to keep dogs up to 30lbs safe and sound. Designed to keep your pet safe in case of sudden stops, the Pet Safety Seat is made of a rigid internal structure with a quilted micro-suede, and fitted with a reversible pillow.

Does you pet love looking out the window? The seat is boosts pets nine inches above seat level so they can comfortably watch the world pass by during drives around town.

Available on Amazon and at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Never forget a thing while out on a walk thanks to the SPILeash. Attached to a traditional 42" long leash is a SPI Solo-Pocket, perfect for carrying treats, poop bags, keys, and more to help you keep your hands free! The pocket expands up to 5" by 3" by 2" to hold any essentials you might need while on the go. On your next walk, keep your hands free to focus on your pet, not what's in your hands.

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