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HotStop NOT Just for Tots

Scalding from tap water is the second most common cause of severe burn injuries among people of all ages. Each year, thousands of children are severely injured by scalding tap water. Whether for child or adult HotStop is a protective measure against injury resulting from scorching hot water. By replacing your existing shower head and tub spout with a HotStop shower head, hand shower, or tub spout you can prevent these accidents from happening to your loved ones. When hot water reaches an unsafe temperature HotStop quickly reduces the water flow to a trickle to avoid scalding. Once the water in the line cools the flow re-starts automatically -usually in less than 30 seconds. HotStop installs in minutes and requires no special tools or plumbing expertise. No other product on the market today provides this protection for you and your family as inexpensively and conveniently as HotStop.

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