GamesKey differences between online and offline roulette

Key differences between online and offline roulette

Key differences between online and offline roulette

For a game that’s been around since the 17th century, roulette has been doing pretty good so far. Despite its immense popularity in the past, the game still has millions of fans everywhere. Like all casino games, roulette got its online version with some added attractions like enticing bonuses that keep the players coming. The way everything’s going it looks like online roulette is going to become even more popular.

Although there are countless casinos where you can play roulette online, the land-based casinos still have many customers. The main reason why this is the case is the atmosphere these casinos have. After so many casino movies anyone would go to a casino just to feel like James Bond in Casino Royale. However, regular casinos have some cons when compared to their online counterparts.

Game Variations

Essentially there are a few differences when playing roulette online and offline. The rules are pretty similar except in online roulette you have a bigger chance of winning. This is because online casinos offer different types of bonuses that players can use to their advantage. Also, when you go to a casino you usually find only one version of roulette that’s got experienced players all around the table.

On the other hand, there are many variants of online roulette like American, European, French and even live roulette. The live version of roulette uses a live dealer and a video stream to show the dealer to the players participating in the game from the comfort of their home. All versions of online roulette use a random number generator which makes it impossible for people to be cheated and ensures fair play.

Convenience and Comfort

Swanky casinos are usually a part of some luxury hotels. Playing roulette in an online casino is usually done at home. Being home while playing roulette has its perks because you can wear whatever you like, drink and eat whatever you like but being in a nice, big hotel is a bit better. For example, if you’re staying at Caesar’s Windsor Hotel and Casino or at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, which are some of Canada’s top casinos, you’ll likely have a dress code to adhere to, but the whole experience there would be unforgettable.

Although brick-and-mortar casinos are better than online ones when it comes to luxury, the online ones are way more convenient. You can play your favorite roulette game whenever you want and wherever you go. You don’t even need to bring a laptop with you because most websites that offer roulette have mobile-friendly versions of themselves.

Faster Games and Lower Betting Limits

Finally, when playing roulette in real life the dealer has to do a lot of work. He has to sweep away lost bets, payout won ones and assist players that can’t place a wager. All this is eliminated when playing online roulette. Bets are placed automatically and if the ball falls in one of your numbers then you win and you’re instantly paid out. Also, online roulette games have lower betting limits than their land-based counterparts.

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