Maximizing Productivity With Magnum Spray Guns From Graco

Graco’s oil-based paint sprayer is an industry-leading model designed to save both time and money. Capable of handling unthinned materials, it comes complete with its own storage case for safe keeping.

Graco Inc designs and manufactures fluid handling systems and products worldwide, with its Industrial segment providing proportioning systems for spray polyurethane foam and polyurea coatings as well as equipment to pump, meter, mix, control and dispense sealant, adhesive or composite materials. Magnum sprayers by Graco offer efficient and effective solutions to your spray foam insulation needs.

Graco X7

If you’re new to thick paint sprayers, this user-friendly device could be just what you need. Capable of reaching up to 5 gallons per session, this powerful machine makes short work of refurbishing walls, doors and cabinets as well as staining decks or fences.

The Pro 210ES airless sprayer is an affordable yet long-term airless sprayer. With its reversible tip, you can choose between fine finish and high flow for use with unthinned materials.

DIY homeowners and handymen alike can save both time and money when using this powerful sprayer to tackle interior or exterior house projects, fences or decks. It features a larger tip size for spraying heavy coatings while its convenient cart makes transport easy between jobsites.

Graco X5

The Graco X5 entry-level sprayer is ideal for DIY homeowners looking to save time on paint and stain projects around their home. It comes equipped with everything needed for spraying – including an SG3 metal spray gun, reversible 515 RAC tip and flexible uptake hose – eliminating the need for refills of paint.

Exclusive Graco innovations provide all-day spraying comfort and control for improved results, including an easier four-finger trigger pull for reduced fatigue, the EDGE II Plus system that regulates material volume and airflow to minimize overspray, and automotive-grade filtration system that helps prevent tip clogging.

Graco X2

Utilizing the appropriate spray gun and tip combination is key to creating professional-looking finishes. Your spray gun-and-tip combination determines how much fluid will leave when you pull the trigger, as well as its width of distribution across your spray pattern.

Choose a tip with an orifice size suitable for the coating you are spraying; light coatings like lacquers and stains require smaller tips while texture requires larger ones.

Graco offers several airless paint spray guns designed specifically to meet your individual application. Their Silver Plus gun provides simple yet reliable high pressure spraying capabilities while the GAP PRO model provides simple plural component spraying of fast-set polyurea or foam coatings.

Graco X3

Selecting the ideal spray gun and nozzle combination for your job can maximize productivity. Choose a nozzle based on what type of coating is being sprayed – lacquers and stains require small nozzles while heavy texture or elastomeric coatings call for larger ones.

The Graco X7 electrical airless paint sprayer is an excellent medium duty sprayer that’s suitable for homeowners, handymen, and property maintenance pros alike. The stainless steel piston pump offers 3000 psi of pressure that’s fully adjustable to your desired paint flow. An in-handle filter blocks debris for quicker tip clogging removal while its PowerFlush adapter connects directly to your garden hose for effortless clean-up.

Graco X4

Graco’s Project Series sprayers give DIY Homeowners and Handymen alike the power to tackle larger projects without compromising quality. Equipped with a stainless steel piston pump for efficient atomization of paints and stains on sheds, walls, interior projects, exterior projects or small homes; this airless paint sprayer delivers 3000 PSI for better atomization of paints or stains on sheds walls interior projects exterior projects or small homes.

Use of the appropriate spray tip can ensure a professional finish for your clients. Select one with an orifice size appropriate to the type of coating being applied.

Graco offers a wide range of adjustable extensions, making it easier for users to reach hard-to-reach areas. These connect between your gun and nozzle to extend reach.

Graco X6

Graco cordless sprayers offer power and control to handle tasks around the home with ease. From touch-ups, cabinets, doors or other finish projects – handheld sprayers from Graco provide power without messy paintbrushes or rollers!

Paint sprayers are straightforward devices. In general, the process involves adding fluid through the suction tube before connecting your gun with a hose and power source. Specific instructions will depend on which model of sprayer you purchase; please read carefully!

Graco sprayers feature TRUEQUALITY; professional-grade technology packaged into an accessible design; TRUESPEED; the fastest way to finish with one-pass coverage and TRUECONTROL; unthinned coatings with less overspray – giving you all of the tools necessary for maximum productivity and faster completion of jobs. These features give you all the power you need to maximize productivity and complete jobs faster.


Image Credit: Gordon King