Arts & EventsMichael Moriarty’s Musings: The Only Antidote to American “Marxmanship” is Vice-President Allen West

Michael Moriarty’s Musings: The Only Antidote to American “Marxmanship” is Vice-President Allen West

Michael Moriarty’s Musings: The Only Antidote to American “Marxmanship” is Vice-President Allen West

While watching the prelude to the 2012 American election from Canada, I realized that Barack Hussein Obama has become the Ruling Monarch of American “Marxmanship”.

Surely Obama is the metaphorical and mirror opposite of Sarah Palin.

Then who should be the Vice-Presidential Candidate for the 2012 Presidential ticket?

That other perfect example of authentically American Marksmanship, Sarah Palin?


She tried once as a potential Vice-President and lost.

Except for Richard Nixon, Republicans only get one chance at the White House’s Brass and Often Crass Rings of Influence.

Who should be Vice-President in 2012?

Allen West.

No one, including the late President Ronald Reagan, has stated the case for Conservative America more eloquently, with more verbal firepower, more brilliantly reasoned clarity or from a more electrically persuasive platform or with a more tenaciously American soul than has Allen West.

Rolling Thunder is a cyclists’ Memorial Day Tribute to American prisoners of war

Having co-starred in a similar tribute to North Vietnam’s prisoners of war and having encountered the infamous Hanoi Hilton as an actor and also having faced the resistance and deliberate neglect and/or contempt for the film by the Mainstream Media, I can fully comprehend the significance of the West/Palin appearance together at Rolling Thunder.

Film clips from Hanoi Hilton are now very hard to find.

Why is that?

Increasing control of the internet by The MSM.

West is so much of what America has needed throughout the entire 20th Century – a combination of Ronald Reagan and Dwight D. Eisenhower – and what the entire world needs now: the perfect black answer to the tyrannically Marxist and tragically black American, Marxist insanities of Barack Hussein Obama.

For the Romney team to not choose Allen West for their Vice-Presidential candidate is a flamingly obvious exposure of the suspected lack of Conservative seriousness that has hung around Mitt Romney’s entire career.

Romney’s grotesquely bipartisan record as Governor of Massachusetts and its still-embarrassing Romneycare can only be overcome by the weight of a Vice-President Allen West’s thrilling eloquence and his unswervingly patriotic military career.

It is almost four months away from Election Day in November. The decision on who will be the Republican candidate for Vice-President should be made … “the-sooner-the-better”!

The election must proceed with not the loose-lipped and lame-brained Joe Biden as the sitting-duck target of a Vice-President West.

President Obama and his very own Presidential policies should be the entire target for West’s machine-gun delivery!

Allen West will cut like a virtual chain-saw through the lies, the illusions and delusions, the Marxist-speak, the Progressive veneer of good intentions, the NAACP love affair with Obamacare. He can do everything that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will not be able to do.

The return of the Republican Party to the White House should be a landslide return!

Tragically, in this America I see now from Canada, that will not be possible.

The Welfare State proves too irresistible for American women and American minorities to resist.

Only Allen West can help Mitt Romney come even close to the possible goal of an undeniable victory.

Even the staunchest NAACP mouthpiece cannot turn his or her back on Allen West.

The seal of approval for Allen West?

George Soros, one of my own, unrelenting opponents, and his PACs are openly targeting Allen West’s re-election in Florida, knowing that West might very well be the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Why should Allen West be the Vice-Presidential Candidate?

  • -He’s black and therefore represents not the Democrat Party’s eternally pro-Confederate/pro-abortion history but the Southern, Atlanta, Georgia best of the American Civil War triumphs!
  • -He’s unsurpassed as a Conservative Firebrand of any color!!
  • -His military career carries the boldness America will eventually need in the President’s Oval Office itself! The freedom of the entire world will desperately need a President West to accentuate America’s seriousness about individual freedom and responsibility.
  • -Romney cannot be a two-term President without Allen West’s constant reassurance to all minorities that a black Republican President is on the way!! -What chance would Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat Presidential candidate then have to unseat the Republicans?
  • -The damage already done by a Bipartisan New World Order Conspiracy Plan hatched out of George Bush Sr.’s call for a similar surrender to the neo-Soviet demands of Gorbachev/Putin et al,their cries for a New World Order, one that cannot help but be Progressively Marxist?! This carnivorous nightmare cannot be dispelled by anything less than 16 years of Republican fundamentals.
  • -The cunning and ingenious “seductionists” out of American “Marxmanship”, those salesmen for a cradle-to-grave existence within a Progressively Marxist New World Order of Lies and Deception? They can only be checkmated by what would appear to be a Third World Leader but who is, in fact, the best thing to happen to American politics and the Declaration of Independence since Abraham Lincoln!

Need I say more?

This post is personal view of Michael Moriarty and not the view of OLM or its editorial team.

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