More than just a beautiful scarf

Nimi Nanji-Simard founded her Montreal-based ethical silk scarf company, Niminimi, in 2016 with a global vision to raise awareness for her four pillars. They are the heart and soul of the company and include, the environment, mental health, communities and conflict around the world. Made from either silk, linen or wool voile, every scarf is crafted using state-of-the-art environmentally conscious technology in Italy.

“I have devoted my energies to finding the most beautiful silk available and entrusted production to Italy’s premier artisans, hand-rolled and packed beautifully.”

Scarves from the Niminimi collection including her latest "Do You See Me Now?" scarf (top left) that is dedicated to missing and murdered women.

The scarves are so much more than just a piece of fabric, they are fashion with a message and beauty with a cause. Nanji-Simard has designed scarves highlighting climate change, mental health and more, while contributing 30 per cent of the profits to charity. With every purchase, she will send the donation directly to any organization of your choice that has a charitable number in Canada!

Nanji-Simard focused on the missing and murdered women from around the world with her newest design “Do you See Me Now?”. Women are murdered and reported missing everyday worldwide and this scarf speaks to this gender-based violence. Every country is represented in the design. From Canada, Spain, the UK and Afghanistan, women from every walk of life are shown on this beautiful scarf, just in time for international women's day.

You can view more of Nanji-Simard's designs by visiting her website

Photos: Courtesy Niminimi