Best PicksNew Way for Canadians to Celebrate Goals

New Way for Canadians to Celebrate Goals

New Way for Canadians to Celebrate Goals

You’re there, on the edge of your seat clutching a cold Bud and watching as your team zips up the ice. He shoots, he scores and as that adrenaline rush of elation speeds through you your glass seemingly shares in the excitement. Or, at the very least, really confuses your cat. If you think you’ve tried “light” beer before, the next time you pour yourself a cold one might surprise you.

With the new hockey season underway, Budweiser has given you a new and innovative way to get fired up when your team scores. Just as the arena bursts into flurry of excitement and flashing light, so can you by way of the Goal-Synched Glass.

Using Bluetooth technology, the 14 oz. glass can be synced to your favorite team and, once they put the puck in the net, a red light on the bottom of the glass will flash just as the goal light does at the actual game.

“The goal is the most exciting moment in hockey,” says Andrew Oosterhuis, director of marketing for Budweiser, Kokanee and value brands at Labatt Breweries of Canada.

“The platform was to enhance the celebration around scoring a goal, and I think being very singular in our focus when it comes to hockey helps differentiate us.”

This is the latest in Budweiser’s Red Lights campaign which started lighting up the hockey world in 2013 with the release of the original goal light that resulted in a cross country tour of a 20-foot-tall version built to withstand -40 degree temperatures and 1,230 miles per hour winds. Hopefully you’re not watching the game under those conditions with your goal glass. When not in use this glass is sure to turn your dish cupboard into a pretty sweet disco!

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