Pet of the WeekOLM Pet of the Week- Meet Stuart & Charlie

OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Stuart & Charlie

OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Stuart & Charlie

For this week’s Pet of the Week, we have two adorable little guys from Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue. After weeks of recovering from poor living standards in their previous life, these two are now ready to find a forever home that will give them proper handling and lots of love.

These two brothers had a rough start to life. Both were kept in bare cages without anything to interact with, and both were living on pine bedding, which is toxic to rats and other small animals. They were also only fed a diet of pellets and seeds, which is a highly inadequate diet to keep them healthy. Three weeks later, both boys health have been dramatically improving thanks to medication and proper diet. Stuart’s fur has completely re-grown and both brothers are now a healthy weight and sport shiny beautiful coats.

Stuart is possibly the friendliest and most social rats you’ll ever meet! He adores being picked up and practically rolls over when you give him cheek rubs! Charlie is a little more reserved than his brother, and is still getting used to being picked up. His foster mom is working with him daily and seeing constant improvements. Both boys are busy bodies once out of their cages and love to explore their surroundings!

If you’re interested in meeting Stuart and Charlie, or any other of their adoptables listed on their website, please feel free to contact Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue through their site, where you can also find their adoption application form. You can also follow Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue on Facebook, and Twitter.

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If you aren’t able to foster or adopt but want to support Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue, you can donate on their site here, or purchase one of their adorable 2017 calendars! All of the donated funds will go right back towards vet costs, food, fabric, and bedding to help more rescue rats.


About the Rescue: Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and sharing information on pet rats. They are involved in rescuing, fostering, and finding forever homes for their pet rats. They advocate adoption over purchasing from a pet store or breeders, as the supply of rats far exceeds the demand, and the conditions at commercial breeders who supply pet stores with their rats are inhumane.

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