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On July 6, Scotland brings its rugby passion to Ottawa!

Rugby in Scotland is more than just a sport; it is a vital part of the nation’s cultural fabric, embodying the Scottish people’s spirit, passion, and pride. As one of the oldest rugby-playing nations in the world, Scotland boasts a rich history and a deep-rooted love for the game that has been passed down through generations.

This July, Canadians have a unique opportunity to witness this fervour firsthand as Scotland’s national rugby team travels to Ottawa to take on Canada’s Men’s Rugby Team on Saturday, July 6, at TD Place.

On June 12, 2024, Scotland announced their 37-player squad for the upcoming test match, featuring a blend of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers. The lineup includes 17 players from their 2024 Guinness Six Nations campaign, 13 from the 2023 Rugby World Cup, and 13 who were part of the 2023 Guinness Six Nations squad highlighted in Netflix’s Six Nations: Full Contact series. Among these players are world-class talents such as Jamie Ritchie, Huw Jones, and Duhan van der Merwe, whose skills and achievements on the field are spectacular.

Duhan van der Merwe, one of the standout players in the squad, is on the brink of making history. With just two tries needed to break the all-time try-scoring record for Scotland, van der Merwe’s dynamic playing style and scoring ability make him a key player to watch. His prowess on the field has been instrumental in Scotland’s recent successes, and fans just might see him achieve this milestone in Ottawa.

Huw Jones, another pivotal player for Scotland, has been a significant contributor to the team since his debut in 2016. The centre is known for his electrifying pace and skilful play, which have played a crucial role in multiple milestone victories for Scotland. His presence on the field is a testament to the high calibre of talent in the Scottish squad, offering Canadian fans a chance to witness top-tier rugby.

With 49 caps (appearances in an international game) to his name, Jamie Ritchie is set to reach a significant milestone of his own. Ritchie earned his first cap against Canada in 2018 at a match in Edmonton. The upcoming game presents an opportunity for him to reach the half-century mark of international appearances. His journey from that initial cap to becoming a key figure in the Scottish team underscores the deep connections between Scottish and Canadian rugby.

The squad also includes Matt Fagerson, who has made over 100 appearances for the Glasgow Warriors and earned 44 caps for Scotland since his debut in 2018. Fagerson’s experience and tenacity make him a formidable presence on the field, adding depth and strength to the team.

Toronto-born Ewan Ashman, who lived in Canada until age four, exemplifies the international ties that bind the rugby communities of Scotland and Canada. Leading the 2019 World Rugby U20 Championship in scoring and earning his first senior cap in 2021, Ashman has continued to impress on the international stage. His participation in the upcoming match will be a homecoming of sorts, offering Canadian fans a unique connection to the Scottish team.

The Canada-Scotland match will be a contest for the Douglas JL Horn Memorial Cup, a trophy rich with history and significance. The cup, first contested in 2008, is named in honour of Douglas Horn, an ex-Scottish rugby player and the father of the late Alan Horn, a prominent Canadian rugby supporter and a giant in the communications industry of Canada.

The Douglas Horn Cup symbolizes the enduring friendship and competitive spirit between the two nations, making each encounter a meaningful and highly anticipated event.

For Canadians, attending the Canada-Scotland test match is an opportunity to experience the intensity and excitement of international rugby up close. The match promises to showcase skill, strategy, and sportsmanship, featuring some of the best players from both countries. It is also a chance to witness the rich traditions and passionate following that rugby enjoys in Scotland, providing a deeper appreciation for the sport’s cultural significance.

Moreover, the game offers a platform for Canadian rugby to shine on the international stage, demonstrating the sport’s growth and potential within Canada. The Canadian team is eager to make a strong impression against a formidable opponent, so fans can expect a fiercely contested and thrilling match.

The Canada-Scotland rugby exhibition game on July 6 at TD Place is more than just a sporting event. It celebrates the deep-rooted connections between the rugby communities of Scotland and Canada, offers an opportunity to witness top-tier rugby talent, and demonstrates the enduring appeal and significance of rugby in both nations.

Canadian fans should not miss the chance to be part of this historic and exciting encounter, which promises to be a memorable and exhilarating experience for all who attend.


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