• By: Allen Brown

Online Gambling Comply Execute Responsible Gambling Policy 

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Gambling has emerged as mainstream entertainment across the world, and the popularity of online casinos and sports betting sites is a phenomenon. But sometimes, it becomes overwhelming for players, and they cross the threshold of responsible gambling. Many key market players in the industry have started spreading awareness among players of responsible gambling. They are making some tools available to players that deliver insights for responsible gambling. Encouraging responsible gaming is an integral part of the value and mission of many premier online casinos to ensure the sustainability of the industry and the ecstasy of players. Mega888 online casino, as a key player in the segment, designs products conscientiously, complying with industry rules and regulations.

2.1% of potential problem gamblers

As per many studies conducted in recent times, a clear correlation can be observed between safe gaming tools and the occurrence of problem gambling in most gambling markets. In regions where gambling is regulated and legalized, the implication of certain gambling tools is obligatory. In Brazil, it was witnessed that 2.1% of potential problem gamblers opted for self-exclusion or completely abstain from gambling. Another 0.4% of players utilized the temporary cool-off tool to obstruct their impulsive gambling habit. This data underlines the importance of these tools in protecting players from problem and addictive gambling and encouraging responsible gambling.

Ratio of problem gambling is low

In Sweden, around eighty thousand players opted for the self-exclusion program, abstaining from gambling for a certain period. This number surpasses the presumed count of problem gamblers in the region. Usually, in developed gambling markets, the rate of problem gamblers is restricted to 0.5%, but this count is abnormally high in Canada and Sweden. In India, this number is confounding 7.2%, where gambling law is ambiguous. This emphasizes in the regulated and structured market, the ratio of problem gambling is low compared to the unregulated market. This data shows the pressing need for gambling tools in online casinos and spreading awareness of responsible gambling.

Responsible gaming ecosystems

In extensive studies conducted by premier online casinos, it was exhibited 2/3rd of players in developed gambling markets expect certain responsible gambling tools from the service provider. 66% of the respondents presume the social awareness program and tools incorporated in the online gambling site influence the mindset performance of players who are susceptible to problem gambling. Responsible gaming ecosystems emphasize risk awareness, delivering a safe gaming ambiance and providing support to those who want. Most of the players acknowledge the significance of responsible gaming practices and tools and the necessity of implying them across the industry.

Necessary information and mechanism

In a regulated gaming market, the absence of an awareness program regarding responsible gambling is a key challenge. Programs about educating players about excessive gambling and potent hazards, emotional and financial and availability of tools create a comprehensive system to resolve and prevent problem gambling at a large scale. Many prominent service providers in the online gambling market practice responsible gambling policies along with tools providing the necessary information and mechanisms that are not intended for individuals who are already suffering from a problem or gambling addiction or are prone to it. The central theme of it is to make players aware gambling is for fun, not a tool for livelihood. This empower and improve players` attitude towards gambling.