Ottawa Senators betting — 5 effective strategies

The Ottawa Senators are one of the 31 teams playing in the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America. They have an excellent track record which is why so many Ottawans place their money on the Senators when betting on the NHL. In this article, we’re going to enumerate some of the helpful Ottawa Senators betting strategies.

1. Understand Betting Terms & Hockey

Ice hockey is one of many sports where you can do sports betting. However, not everyone is lucky or even fortunate to win, especially when you’re new to Ottawa Senators betting. To help any new bettor, here are some of the terms you need to know:

  • Money Line – the term used for the team that needs to win for the bettor to get their winnings.
  • Game Totals – the phrase used when a punter bets on the total number of goals in a game.
  • Puck Line – the term used for the handicap requiring a team to win or lose more or less than the intended score.
  • Total – the phrase used when a bettor determines the competing teams’ total combined score will be over or under the line.
  • Parlay – the term used for a single bet containing two or more bets.

An Ottawa Senators bettor needs to know the ice hockey’s key positions other than the terms above. There are six players on the ice at any given moment: a goaltender, two defensemen, two wingers, and a center. Every player in the team is essential, but the goaltender has the most critical job. His performance will have a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

Another term a bettor needs to know is the travel schedules: the number of nights a team plays. It also involves the games’ location, either played on the road or in the team’s home court. The long trip between the venues and consecutive games can take a toll on the game’s outcome.

2. Follow Trusted Sources On The Ottawa Senators

Bettors need to look at trusted sources about the Ottawa Senators. They need to become aware of the team's status and well-being before every match as fast as possible. Bettors need to be updated if there are last-minute injuries or a player feels unwell. That way, you can anticipate in what direction bettors will move and profit from that.

With the use of the Internet, we can now connect and search for different information about anything. Punters can look at the team’s official social media accounts like their Twitter account. They can also check ones made by fans to get news and game updates. Other sites like the team’s web page on NHL’s website or ESPN’s show Ottawa Senators data can significantly help.

It would be best to research the players (especially the goaltender) and their game statistics. Moreover, some players have their social media accounts open to the public. Check on those accounts to look for any news about them.

However, the golden rule with this strategy is to have knowledgeable and trusted sources. The sources need to be credible for them to become profitable.

3. Avoid Too Simplistic Sports Betting Systems

There are many effective sports betting systems today. Try every one of them to find what best suits you. However, some are not suitable for Ottawa Senators betting. For example, progressive systems like Martingale.

The Martingale betting system is too mechanically simple for a complex sport like ice hockey. If progressive systems worked, we would all know by now. They can be useful and part of your strategy, but they can't be the end-all and be-all solution.

Your betting system should most likely focus on a single type of bets like a handicap or best scorer. By being laser-focused, you will get incredibly better at Ottawa Senators betting.

4. Have a Period of Experimentation

Although Ottawa Senators betting is a game of luck, there is still a drop of science behind it. One of the steps in the scientific method is experimenting to test the hypothesis. Much like any science lab project, bettors can win by experimenting.

Bettors need to test different strategies to see which one works better for their style of betting. There are also other kinds of bets like single and multiple bets, straight and exotic wagers. It is down to the bettor to experiment with them. See what works, double down on that so you can fine-tune your betting skills.

There is no silver bullet in sports betting, especially with Ottawa Senators. Betting systems are not one-size-fits-all. Some have the highest risk, which will give you a higher reward. While others offer less risky bets, the payout is much smaller.

There are also alternative odds bettors can utilize. These odds are best for those who heavily researched NHL games and the teams playing.

5. Don't Bet It All On Senators vs. Maple Leafs

Games between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the most anticipated matches every season. Also called the Battle of Ontario, the two are one of many rivalries in the NHL. The two teams compete in the same division, the Atlantic division, and their rivalry started in the late 1990s.

The feud heightened in the 2000s when a Senators’ player accidentally hit the other team’s player in the eye. Since then, hockey fans tune in to these two when they have a match.

However, it is different for bettors. There are many emotions at play in Senators and Maple Leafs’ matches due to their history. In this way, it can bias a bettor’s judgment and may or may not have their desired outcome. If you’re feeling strongly about a match, it is wise to skip betting on those games.

Stick only to data-driven decisions and find value in your bets. Bettors need to understand the connection between the available betting odds and the chance of a team winning.

Now that you know all the effective strategies in Ottawa Senators betting, you can now create a winning game plan. However, always remember that all these strategies depend on how you’ll find value in your bets. When you have discovered the value of your bets, you’re going to be on your way to being a successful Ottawa Senators bettor.