Homes & NeighbourhoodsPesky Pests - How To Protect Your Home From Infestation

Pesky Pests - How To Protect Your Home From Infestation

Pesky Pests - How To Protect Your Home From Infestation

Homeownership can be wonderful. If you have the funds, you can completely remake the place to your tastes. Remodelling the kitchen and updating your appliances while totally revamping the entire bathroom are just a few of the tasks that you can take on as a new homeowner.

Alternatively, owning a home can be a great responsibility, and when the weight of maintaining a home becomes too much, homeownership can feel like a huge financial burden. Paying the mortgage is a cinch compared with all of the problems that can come with a house, namely pest infestation. Of all the problems that can really destroy the structure of the home, an infestation that is ignored can result in severe damage to the home. To thwart damage to your home, routine visits by a pest control company can significantly reduce the incidence of infestation.

Keep reading to learn how to protect your home from the various pest infestations that are common in Australia.


One of the worst infestations a family can have is a roach infestation. The time to take action is when you see babies running around the home because where there is a baby there is a mama, and worse yet, where there is a mama, there is a nest. There are a few ways to thwart this particular type of pest.

Homeowners can simply prevent infestations from happening by disposing of paper, magazines, and newspapers, which can be hiding places for them. In general, all around cleaning that focuses on the kitchen and the bathroom can be ways to avoid the roach problem. Laying down boric acid is also another way to reduce infestations in the home. To completely eradicate infestations, though, homeowners should spray around the base of the cabinets, windows, and doors to prevent them from coming into the home. This is definitely a problem that should be taken care of because, worst case scenario, your home has to be tented by a professional.


Termites are another big problem that can translate into your home’s structure being destroyed. The worst thing about termite problems is that you do not know there is a problem until the wood in the home begins to deteriorate. Pay attention to soft floorboards, mud piles around the walls and perimeter of the home, and lumpy painted timber.

Unfortunately, there is very little a homeowner can do to address this problem other than treating the wood with a borate wood preservative. Routine visits by pest control can reduce the incidence of termite infestation. If you find that you do have termites, call a professional immediately because termites eat at the wood and can potentially cause great damage to your home.


Ants are pests that are a great nuisance for homeowners. A simple way to reduce infestations in the home is to not leave food on the counters. Instead, use canisters that seal food to avoid attracting ants into the kitchen. When they appear in the lawn or on the exterior of the home, these areas can be treated with a solution that can be purchased from any hardware store. Furthermore, attacking an ant problem requires constant vigilance and routine spraying to eradicate the problem. Homeowners that ignore the problem could face issues down the road.

Pest-Free Homeownership

 An infestation of any sort can place a damper on the joys of owning a home. Of the many pests indigenous to Australia, some of them can destroy your home, and quite frankly in some cases, are very poisonous. However, one way to eradicate pests is constant vigilance, attacking the problems as they arise, and contacting professionals when necessary.

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