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Reduce your energy bill with smart home technology
Homes & NeighbourhoodsReduce your energy bill with smart home technology

Reduce your energy bill with smart home technology

Reduce your energy bill with smart home technology

Everyone looks for ways to save money on their energy bills. Fortunately, with the rise of smart home technology and eco-friendly products, going green has never been easier. Naomi Resnick, manager of environmental sustainability at The Home Depot Canada, offers a few helpful tips to get started.

Up your lighting game. You've already made the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs and you're reaping the rewards on your energy bill. Take your lighting to the next level by investing in Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs. Have you ever left the house for work or vacation and wondered if you left the lights on? Check in remotely and control individual lights with just a simple touch on your smartphone or tablet.

Switch to smart controls. Did you know you can install smart switches, dimmers and outlets so you can control your lights, appliances and electronics from anywhere in the world? Enable features like “geofencing” — a type of technology used to create a virtual geographic boundary around your property — to automatically turn lights on and off when you leave or approach home, or to notify you when you've left the lights on.

Upgrade your thermostat. Imagine a thermostat that was intelligent enough to know your local weather, day-to-day schedule and preferred comfort level. Programmable smart thermostats such as the ecobee3 lite can save you up to 23 per cent* in heating and cooling costs. This clever yet sleek device pairs with room sensors by self-adjusting the temperature to help manage hot or cold spots in your home and tracks occupancy, making your house even more energy efficient when you are away.

Invest in appliances. With advancements in smart appliances — like laundry dryers that measure moisture levels to automatically adjust drying times — investing in intelligent models pays off in the long run. When researching your next purchase, look for an Energy Star certified appliance to find the most efficient model for your home.

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