• By: Marie Waine

Self Renovation — a weight loss success story

Angie Prudhomme loves food. Unfortunately, it is not the type of food that stabilizes your blood sugar levels and contributes to good heart health.

However, the 36-year-old also loves herself. Two years ago, Prudhomme looked in the mirror and decided it was time for a major lifestyle makeover. At 270 lbs., she knew she couldn’t wait much longer.

“One day, I was just sick of it. I was sick of not wearing what I wanted to wear. Sick of not dating who I wanted to date,” says Prudhomme. “One day I just went, ‘I’m done.’”

Now, Prudhomme is standing tall and full of confidence. She has lost over half of her starting weight: an amazing 140 lbs. “I was feeling way too big, sloppy, lazy and not worth it. Now I stand up for myself and feel rejuvenated.”

Prudhomme began her weight loss journey by tracking her food intake using the Weight Watchers phone application. She learned how she could continue to eat a lot over the course of a day and still lose weight. It was about choosing the right foods.

“I eat more now than I did before. But instead of a lot of starches, I eat a lot of protein,” says Prudhomme. “I was taught to still have grains, but to choose the healthy grains. I know I need oil, fats and water, so I have those too.”

The pounds came off quickly for Prudhomme after she changed her eating habits. “The second you see changes being made, it’s really easy to stick to it.”

Although she was proud of her progress, she knew she still had many challenges. She needed to get moving and get active to see results in her overall health.

“I was carrying around another whole half of me. I had loose skin and it wasn’t changing the way I wanted it to. So one day I just walked into a gym and said, ‘Hi, what can you do for me?’ I signed up right then.” She now works with a trainer to keep her motivated.

“I’m naturally lazy. It’s hard. I have to convince myself to get up and do things. So to have someone that you have to see two or three times a week that says you look great and are getting stronger, it’s awesome.”

Not every step of the journey has been a piece of cake. Prudhomme says she has gone through rough patches with her friends and family because of her lifestyle change.

“I took control, my personality changed. I started standing up for myself more.”

Prudhomme met her current boyfriend about 40 lbs. ago and says he has helped keep her eyes on the prize. “It’s huge to have someone there for support, not just to tell you not to eat something, but to indulge in the good things with you as well.”

Prudhomme says she feels amazing every single day.

“I love food, but I like feeling healthy too. Knowing what to eat and learning everything I have so far has been really powerful.”

Prudhomme has advice for anyone looking to join her on her journey. “Just do it. Convince yourself that you have had enough. Try it for a month and if nothing happens, then fine. But if you are overweight, it is impossible that it won’t work. Once you start to see results, you won’t want to stop. Best of all, you will feel great.”

Prudhomme has no plans of turning back. Her new life is working for her. The best part about it? “I can still eat all of my favourite foods. I just enjoy the pizza, burgers and ice cream in moderation.”

angie prudhomme-makeover

In celebration of Saab Salon Spa’s 25th anniversary, the Aveda lifestyle salon and spa on Bank Street gave Angie the makeover of her dreams. Owners Frank and Nina Saab welcomed Angie with open arms and big ideas. First up, hair colour. Frank wanted to add some life into Angie’s already blonde hair. By adding highlights and touching up her roots, Angie’s entire complexion brightened up. She was given a quick blow-dry before being sent off to makeup.

Danielle was in charge of bringing some colour to Angie’s fair skin. She gave Angie a light smoky eye, added false lashes and used bright pinks to bring attention to her cheeks and lips. If you are looking for an instant pick-me-up, Danielle says to the three most important products to use are concealer, mascara and blush. Before the big reveal, Angie was sent back to hair where Frank added extensions and big, bouncy curls. Angie was smiling ear to ear as she left Saab Salon Spa and headed to the photoshoot. Thank you to everyone at Saab for a great time and a beautiful look. Angie says she could not have been a happier and the staff could not have been more generous and excited. Here’s to another 25 years.

PHOTOS OF ANGIE'S MAKEOVER BY: Paul Couvrette, Couvrette Studio 430 Gladstone Ave. couvrette-photography.on.ca
ACCESSORIES BY: Disegno Fine Jewellery, 100 Murray Street disegnojewellery.ca