Starting exercise during lockdown? These are a few tips a beginners should know

With the vast majority of the world’s communities in quarantine and with almost every business and nonessential workplace being temporarily suspended, getting into fitness is not only now a possibility, but rather, it is now a necessity considering the fact that older adults and people of any age who are less fit are five times more likely to have a worse outcome from COVID-19.

Even when we survive these quarantines, it is highly likely that succeeding waves will hit. So, in order to bolster your resistance against the CoronaVirus, you need to get into the habit of regular exercise. But, we won’t overlook the fact that fitness is such a vast subject matter that it’s breadth of scope can easily intimidate beginners. Which is where this article comes in.

So, what are a few beginner’s tips to heed?

Assess Your Health

Before doing any type of exercise you need to be able to determine your level of fitness because this is what’s going to determine the framework of your exercise. For example: do you need to build muscle or do you need to lose fat? Do you have any injuries that prevent you from executing a particular movement? etc.

An accurate assessment is just as important in fitness as it is in medicine, especially when so many medical professionals have gotten in trouble with the lawyers from for failing to make accurate diagnoses. This is dangerous because a wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong treatment, which may cause tremendous harm.

A good way to ensure that you get an accurate assessment is through a physical medical exam. If you don’t have the option to go to the doctor, a good rule of thumb is that if you have medical conditions, you should be careful not to push yourself too hard.

Set Reasonable Goals And An Actionable Plan

Now that you know your level of fitness, you have to define a reasonable goal and a timeframe within which to achieve that goal. You need to set a goal because this is what’s going to determine the array of exercises that you’re going to be doing. For example: If you want bigger arms, you’re going to focus on arm workouts, if you want to lose belly fat, you’re going to want to focus on high-intensity exercises and cardio. If you want to improve your strength, you’re going to want to focus on bodyweight exercises.

You need a plan so that you have a framework to follow. A typical workout program would include the exercise you intend to do, as well as the repetitions and the numbers of sets. There are many workout programs that you can find online. Even Youtube has basic workout routines. So, follow your plan and stay consistent.

The Right Mindset

If there’s one motivational piece of advice that we can share with you, it’s that you should not treat exercise as a punishment for your bad habits. Instead, treat it as an investment: something that you’re going to have to work hard for now, so that you can enjoy it later on. And, like most investments, the more you make good investments, the bigger the rewards will be.