The lockdown blues — how to stay sane in the COVID era

By Martha McMahon

We are living in the COVID era and no one knows how long it will last. What started as a few weeks of quarantine and work-from-home seems to be here for an unprecedented period of time, as the world struggles to find a vaccine. Still, the resilience of the human race is the silver lining that keeps us going even as we face this massive challenge. And fortunately, there are many things that you can do to beat the lockdown blues and stay sane during these troubled times. Of course, you can spend productive time every day with office work and chores like cooking, cleaning, exercising, and gardening, but you need something more to have fun. Here are a few things you can experiment with to stay connected with friends and family despite the distance.

Have a virtual Netflix party

If you’ve been missing your weekly binge-watching sessions with your bestie, a virtual Netflix party is just the best one for you. Netflix offers a new feature that enables you to stay ahead of your list. And you have access to the amazing group chat alongside your favorite shows so that you can share the cool moments with your group. In fact, people are using the platform for hosting special movie evenings to chill out together.

Dress up for video calls

Whether you have video conferences for work or with friends, make sure that you are dressed your best. Dressing up and going to work and outings are something all of us seem to be missing the most. So why not wear your favorite outfit, style your hair and put on your makeup for your next Zoom call with colleagues or clients. And you could even deck up for a virtual date this weekend. Surely, you will feel good and the caller at the other end will be inspired.

Play online games

Another good idea to stay sane through the COVID blues is to spend some time playing online games. The most amazing thing about this activity is the number of options you have. You can play Ludo remotely, Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets Online or even engage in a single-player game to stay occupied. These games connect you even while you cannot meet friends and family personally. And the ones like online lottery are a great way to make big bucks from home.

Organize a beer party

The coolest thing you can do during lockdown is to get together with your gang for a beer party. But how will you party when you are all locked up? Simple, just have a group video call on Zoom and enjoy the best beer party you’ve ever had together. But don’t booze up too much as there are chances you will gain some extra pounds with all those pints every weekend. You can get smart and follow your beer parties with yoga sessions the next morning. 

Staying sane during lockdown is easier than you think but it is all about having a positive attitude and the right mindset. After all, the crisis will not last forever and happy days will be back soon!

Martha McMahon leads the team Outreach Monks with her innovative ideas and savvy content strategies. She has been the supporting hand of the marketing team.

Photo: Dollar Gill, Unsplash