Good ReadsThe most popular online entertainments in Canada

The most popular online entertainments in Canada

The most popular online entertainments in Canada

Canada has one of the most active online entertainment communities in the world, so it's no surprise that 64% of Canadians like to play games online. Some people even play professionally to make money out of gaming.

Epic Games' Fortnite, released 2017, took the world by storm. Players enjoy a battle royale style of gaming, which can be personalised through avatars. Fortnite Creative & Fortnight: Save The World are also becoming popular. Players fight zombie-like creatures in a defense-strategy survival game.

Riot Games' League of Legends, released in 2009, has kept fans loyal for over 10 years. In this multiplayer battle game, two teams of five players must each defend their half of the map. Players battle each other one-on-one as a team. To win, teams must destroy their rival's Nexus to claim their territory.

In 2021, Valve released Dota, which is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Dota follows a similar format to League of Legends, but in Dota, two teams of five defend an 'Ancient' structure. Dota 2 holds worldwide tournaments, and is becoming very popular on the esports scene.

Minecraft has been popular for over a decade and remains the best-selling video game title of all time. Players must extract tools and raw materials, then build ingenious structures to create infinite worlds. The game offers various modes and challenges, including survival skills like falls and starvation. Interaction with other players keeps people coming back for more year after year.

Fair Go Casino games are also popular throughout Canada, particularly who like to play the slot machines. Slot machines offer a variety of return to player rates, and can be played with different themes to suit individual preferences. Coins are placed into the machine, and if the symbols match then monetary winnings are returned.

Alongside gaming, Canadians also enjoy streaming their entertainment through video services and social media.

Streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer easy access to popular movies and binge-worthy series. Disney+, Apple TV and YouTube make streaming services popular with Canadians of all ages. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Staircase, and Better Call Saul are topping the charts in Canada.

When it comes to online entertainment, Canadians are spoiled for choice!

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