Best PicksThe new BlackBerry KEY2 is a must and Ottawa Life explains why

The new BlackBerry KEY2 is a must and Ottawa Life explains why

The new BlackBerry KEY2 is a must and Ottawa Life explains why

This year, BlackBerry Mobile launched it's exceptionally well-designed BlackBerry Key2. With an improved keyboard, increased speed key and impressive battery, the device was designed for doing more on the go. Its profile is striking and its performance is excellent. 

With the BlackBerry KEY2, the company focused on improving areas of criticism from the first phone, especially with regards to performance. The new device has a beefier Snapdragon 660 platform along with 6GB of RAM in every model. It enables an ample 64 or 128GB of storage. Powered by Android, you can do more on your Blackberry with one single charge as the Key2 has a battery life of up to two days! 

It's strong series 7 aluminum frame, impact-resistant Gorilla Glass display and drastically improved keyboard with keys 20% larger make it far more tactile than the KEY1. 

It has a display of 4.5’’ 1620 x 1080, 12MP Dual Camera -F2.6 Phase Detect-, 8.1 Android OREO, and more than 23 hours of mixed use. The device is the first BlackBerry with a dual camera, including portrait mode and optical superzoom for greater control and image quality.

Its iconic design offers a thinner and lighter design, without sacrificing durability. It has a stunning 4.5″ display made of impact resistant Gorilla Glass and textured diamond grip non-slip back. It is a fast and easy to understand phone, especially when using the Speed Key to navigate its many applications.

The BlackBerry KEY2's keyboard looks more like a traditional phone than its predecessor in almost every way. The KEY2 comes in two colors - black or silver - which both signify BlackBerry's professional legacy. Perhaps the most significant improvement is the key finish and its familiar texture that makes the phone incredibly comfortable to hold and use.

When it comes to its software and features, the KEY2 is certified as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program for maintaining its predecessor's focus on privacy and security, as well as promising monthly security updates.

With the new BlackBerry KEY2, phone calls are now more pleasant than ever. An additional microphone helps to cut out background noise for those on the other side of the line. Its quality is incomparable and indescribable!

Some BlackBerry users have always insisted on a better battery life and the KEY2 meets that demand! The Blackberry Key2's quality is incomparable and indescribable!

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