The perfect buy: important tips in buying a new mattress 

Buying a mattress is one of the many important things that you seriously consider. It is essential that you think well of it and not give a chance to miss some details when deciding to buy one. Ideally, everything has to be considered because it is a valuable investment. Aside from the fact that your mattress is your sanctuary of comfort, you will use your mattress for an extended time.

To get that needed comfort, make sure that you will consider all these essential tips. Knowing these tips would keep you from the wrong purchase and ultimately from using an inappropriate mattress that will compromise your health and comfort.

The Quality

First and foremost, know the quality of the product. Quality is non-negotiable, and in choosing the best mattress, you should consider the best quality that you could have. Never settle for anything less. Sometimes quality comes with brand, but note that many preferred high-quality products do not have yet established brands and even have better quality than trusted brands.

To establish your criteria of high-quality products, you have to define your standards of what a high-quality product is according to you. Therefore, it is crucial to answer these questions to evaluate the product before you decide to buy.

  • Will It Give the Comfort You Need? A high-quality product should give the comfort that you need. It does even have other features that provide value beyond comfort.  
  • Is the Product Safe to Use? It would help if you considered safety in qualifying a product. With mattresses, the safety of your health should be your utmost priority, and that is non-negotiable too. You have to know the materials used in its manufacture, like some additives that may cause allergies and other health issues. Doing this will prevent you from unnecessary health issues that may potentially happen.
  • Does it Have Perfect craftsmanship? Of course, you do not want to purchase a poorly manufactured product, and thus always look for craftsmanship in deciding the quality of your purchase.
  • Is it Durable? Since a mattress is a valuable investment, durability is vital, and therefore it should be manufactured to make use of it for the long term.

The Value for Money

Value for money is not measured by the least price you get but by the economic value versus maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your purchased product. In effect, it is the aspect of your purchase where quality meets the price.

So, this means that not all minimally priced products have the lesser value; likewise, not all pricey products have the best value. So, therefore, determining the value for money of your chosen mattress would depend not only on the price but also on the product's quality and usability.

The Types of Mattress

There are several types of mattresses in the market, but you should identify which one you need. In choosing a mattress, always ensure that you know what's appropriate for you. You should consider things like your health issues, sleeping habits and even consider if you use it alone or share it with somebody. Know these common types of mattresses that have a specialized benefit to you.

Latex Mattress 

A latex mattress is made from organic materials, and it comes with minimal synthetic additives. And since it comes from organic materials, you are safe from allergic-causing elements present in artificial materials.

Mattress for Side Sleepers

Suppose you are a side sleeper; you should use a mattress for a side sleeper. This type will give you the necessary support for your position, especially in the shoulder, neck, and overall contour of your body. In addition, using one will give you comfort even when lying on your side in a single position for a more extended period.

Mattress for Back Pain

Mattress for back pain gives the necessary support to your spine and back. With this, you will enjoy the cushion that relieves pressure and pain all night long.

Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress creates a personal space for your body contour. This type of mattress is suitable for bed sharers because it reduces the movement transfer created by your sharer in turning and tossing. Thus, you will get an undisturbed sleep and still enjoy comfort like using it alone.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of multilayer foam and a coiled spring. This type of mattress is best to give you the balance of softness and bounce with the firmness of the spring. You can choose its firmness according to your desire, from soft, medium-firm, and firm, whichever you want, or you need. 


Making that important decision in buying a new mattress must be undemanding and stress-free. That is if you know what are the essential things to consider before buying one. So that you will not go wrong, always think of the things listed above: the quality, value for money, and of course, the type of mattress that you need. Considering all of them will surely give you the best purchase that you must have.

Photo: Adam Winger, Unsplash