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Top 5 writers from Ottawa

Top 5 writers from Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada, is not only a great place to visit but also known as a powerhouse of literary minds. Like most places in the world, chances of residing next to a writer in Ottawa are always very high. You may want to argue on the premise that it is a place that plays host to renowned book publishers such as DC Canada Education Publishing, Borealis Books, Oberon Press and that’s okay.

Students pursuing higher education in this part of the world equally have limitless opportunities for learning how to write great papers. If, for example, you have a lot of assignments to do at school, hiring US Essay Writers is always a great way to meet deadlines set by your teachers. Most importantly, you can always grab a literary piece crafted by the following Ottawa’s writing greats:

1. Brad Abraham

Brad Abraham is Ottawa-born screenwriter, a producer and a journalist. Apart from running a website where he shares his craft with the rest of the world, he is also a renowned comic book author. He is the brainchild of many television productions such as Stonehenge Apocalypse, Fresh Meat and I love Mummy. He has authored several books such as Mixtape and Magicians Impossible.

2. Ben Barry

Another writer from Ottawa is Ben Barry. He is a renowned author whose writings focusing on advocacy for women’s health and entrepreneurial insights have been featured in leading publications such as the Guardian, The Times of India, Financial Times, The Boston Globe and many others. Ben Barry is an award-winning author and a top influencer.

3. Stefanie Clermont

Born in 1988, Stefanie Clermont is among writing greats from Ottawa. Her first publication is a booked titled Le Jeu de la musique. Before settling in Montreal, Stefanie won children’s poetry competition which was sponsored by Ottawa Public Library. It is this achievement that propelled her into becoming a writing star.

4. Tracy Dawson

If you are thinking about working with a great author from Ottawa, then Tracy Dawson makes for a great pick. She is a playwright and actress. Tracy has won award Gemini Award for the best lead actress and she is popular for her role in the film Call Me Fitz, where she acted as Meghan Fitzpatrick.

She is also famed for writing a stage play known as Them & US,, Single White Spenny and Call Me Fitz. Them & Us premiered in 2009 at Theatre Passe Murielle.

5. Chris Finn

Chris Finn is Ottawa-born standup comedian and a comedy writer. Some of his works include This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, Talking to Americans and Corner Gas. Chris is an award winning writer with five Gemini Awards titles to his name. In the year 2001, he won Canadian Comedy Award for his work, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

The Bottom Line

There are many other award-winning writers from Ottawa, Canada. While this list may not have been exhaustive, it focused on top five. You can always check back for an updated list.

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