Arts & EventsTravel Lightyears into the Future at Kontinuum

Travel Lightyears into the Future at Kontinuum

Travel Lightyears into the Future at Kontinuum

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Photos by Andre Gagne

This summer Ottawa will finally get a chance to see what has been hiding at the future location of the Light Rail Transit station at Lyon and Sparks street. Throughout the duration of the LRT construction that has been taking place in Ottawa, Mayor Jim Watson is often asked by residents for the ability to see the current construction. This request will at last be approved as the public is granted access to see this part of the city, but in a way it has never been seen. Watson hopes to see this installation "build anticipation for this new era of transportation in the nation's capital." And though the venue has only been open a few short days, it seems to have already done just that with already over 75,000 tickets reserved.

For this project, a portion of the city's underground has been transformed into an experiential art and technology installation unlike anything Ottawa has seen before. By using a combination of light and sound technology, Kontinuum transports its visitors through space and time despite being just metres from the city's surface. This project was realized through collaborative efforts by the Ottawa 2017 Bureau and Montreal's Moment Factory, who have worked tirelessly together to successfully make Kontinuum an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

The experience in its entirety takes roughly 45 minutes to complete, but all time seems to stand still while walking through the psychedelic underground tunnels of Kontinuum. The combination of the moving lights and futuristic sounds seems to leave visitors hypnotized and wide-eyed. It is truly the kind of experience that cannot be described fully in words or captured accurately through the lens of a camera.

Another tech-rrific addition to the instillation is the ability to have yourself turned into a hologram. How you ask? With a device that scans your body and transforms the scan into a downloadable hologram that you can easily access with the Ottawa 2017 app. For those who truly want to step into the future, you can even purchase a copy of your hologram to be displayed inside of a transparent pyramid.

Needless to say, this instillation is extraordinary, and so is the price of admission – FREE. Yes our wonderful readers, it will cost you a whopping zero dollars to access this once in a lifetime experience right here in the heart of our city.

To reserve your tickets online visit and be sure to follow @ottawalifemag on Instagram to see more images of what is hiding under the streets of Ottawa this summer.

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Raymond July 27, 2017 12:56 pm

I went to see the KONTINUUM production on Thursday, July 27. The halls and stairs were poorly lit, making it a bit hazardous for some people. Furthermore, the exits are hard to see because all the walls are black and the contour of the exits are not clearly defined. If flashing lights is not your thing, I would stay away from this production.