TravelTrekking: Travel Tips for a Honeymoon in South East Asia

Trekking: Travel Tips for a Honeymoon in South East Asia

Trekking: Travel Tips for a Honeymoon in South East Asia

Rob and Annie Cornforth recently returned from an eight-month honeymoon in South East Asia.

Ottawa Life has followed their travels since September 1997. Now the globetrotters are back, telling us about their experiences and how it feels to be back home. (Look for Rob and Annie on Parliament Hill as Captain Seymour Canada and Missus Canada, selling Cuddle Canada pillows to finance their next big trip.)

Just before leaving, we were filled with intense optimism and raw fear. Our fear vanished shortly after our arrival in Denpasar, Bali, in September 1997. The initial culture shock was one of the more exciting moments of our trip.

Eventually, all the dreams we had for our extended honeymoon would be realized. We found adventure, reinforced our love and grew spiritually. Today, we know that we made the right decision by following our dreams.

Did we ever get bored in our travels? Sometimes, but the trip changed our lives forever. We're different people now. We look the same but our friends say we've changed in some hard-to-define way.

We're grateful to have had the opportunity to share our adventures with you. We hope we have encouraged others out there to follow their dreams.

What you should pack for such a trip:
one camera; one pair of waterproof sandals; one pair of hiking boots; two pairs of socks; Lycra thermal underwear (shirt and pants); one pair of quick-dry pants with zippers so that they can be turned into shorts; two dirt-tone T-shirts; raincoat; Ziploc freezer bags for passports and photocopies of important documents; first aid/toiletry kits; two books (fiction and non-fiction) for those occasional boring moments; Lonely Planet guidebook; waterproof money belt; Leatherman knife; a durable hat.

Closest call:
Being locked in a van and almost being robbed, abducted, and/or beaten in Solo, Indonesia.

Dreams come true:
Riding an elephant, climbing a volcano; jungle trekking; sex on a South East Asian beach, learning yoga.

Best deals:
Accommodation and meals for $1.30 in Nong Khiaw, Laos; acoustic guitar purchased for $25 in Solo, Indonesia; ceremonial mask bought in Bangkok for S15, retails for US$90 on Melrose Avenue in El Ay.

Favourite dishes:
Pad Thai; papaya salad; green curry and rice; sticky rice; fresh tropical fruit.

Rob lost 30 pounds and Annie lost 15 pounds after a seven-month vegetarian diet and constant exertion.

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