• By: Allen Brown

Tropical bliss hacks: Solo female traveler’s guide to Hawaii

The United States has everything from tourist spots resembling the ones in Ottawa to sceneries unavailable in Canada like Hawaii. Ottawa’s warm climate is lovely, but Hawaii’s tropical warmth can be quite addicting, especially as a solo traveler. 

Hawaii has become a favorite for many thanks to its tropical climate. The islands have also become more appealing and inclusive for solo female travelers with the continuous improvement of Hawaii’s tourist destinations.

Preparations to make

Be sure to bring outwear for different locations when visiting Hawaii. For outdoor activities, bring a light jacket to keep yourself covered during rainy and windy days. If you want to do things like hiking, be sure to buy the equipment in Canada beforehand since the necessary equipment isn’t always available in Hawaii.

Next up, bringing sun protection gear to keep your skin protected from sunburns is a must even when you’re looking forward to having a nice tan. Make sure the sunscreen you use is reef-safe so you won’t damage Hawaii’s local marine ecosystem.

Although there’s nothing wrong with walking on foot, consider renting private vehicles in Hawaii. To rent a car, tourists from Canada must present a legitimate physical Canadian government-issued driver’s license. You can also use services like Uber if you want less hassle.

Don’t forget to bring debit or credit cards and enough cash. They’re not only to pay for rented vehicles or services like Uber but also for your purchases in many tourist establishments in Hawaii.

To make the most of your journey in the Aloha state, buy a USA eSIM from trusted providers before departing. The US has some of the best internet coverage in the world, which means any data plan you choose will have you covered there.

Best places to visit

With complete facilities and amenities, the following destinations in Hawaii will accommodate your solo travel as a female traveler from start to end.

Aweoweo Beach Park

If you want to begin your journey slowly, consider visiting Aweoweo Beach Park to snorkel with the turtles! The sleepy beach park is a perfect place to do snorkeling in peace. Even some locals don’t know that the place existed. Aweoweo is pretty small, but the snorkeling experience with the turtles there more than makes up for it.

Kailua Beach Park

The availability of so many amenities is the trademark of a good tourist destination. You can find them all in Kailua Beach Park, one of the best spots in Oahu. There, you can enjoy anything from the picnic tables and bike paths to the lush trees and breathtaking views. However, don’t mistake the beach park for Kailua-Kona, since the place is not that friendly to solo female travelers compared to other places on this list. 

Hanauma Bay State Park

Observing marine life in Hawaii has always been one of the reasons why people keep coming back there. For this reason, Hanauma Bay State Park is available to preserve local marine life and have the tourists observe their daily lives. It’s also a sleepy beach, complete with amenities to make your visit there more wholesome.

Byodo-In Temple

Visiting Byodo-In Temple can make you feel like you’re in Japan instead of Hawaii. Yet, the temple is one of the most famous spots in Oahu because of its history. Originally constructed to memorialize the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Hawaii, you can enjoy everything from breathtaking gardens to astonishing koi fish and peacocks in the temple.


Renowned for its beaches with red and black sands, Maui has some of the best tourist attractions in Hawaii. One such attraction is Wailea, rife with mesmerizing crescent-shaped beaches and educative golf courses. For the whole day, you can do so many things, from snorkeling and exploring the beaches during the day to sampling local culinary delicacies at night.

Big Island’s Treehouses

Hawaii is not only about the pristine beaches and breathtaking seas. Treehouses in Hawaii’s Big Island are the perfect destination if you want something with more forests and less ocean. Located in the island’s lush rainforests, the tree houses are the perfect runaway from the hustle and bustle of Hawaii’s rowdy tourist attractions.

Upcountry Farmers Market

Mingling with the locals can make you new friends in the Aloha state. To make the interaction more endearing, you can visit farmer’s markets such as the Upcountry Farmers Market! Occupied by some of the friendliest people in Hawaii, you can enjoy mouth-watering locally grown food and embrace making new friends in a friendly setting in Hawaii. 

USS Arizona Memorial

Looking for something more historical? Then USS Arizona Memorial is the top pick. It was founded to commemorate the death and sacrifice of US Navy service members during the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. It is free for all visitors, complete with guided tours.

Image 1: Unsplash/Little Plant, Image 2: Unsplash/Tatonomusic