Good ReadsUsing casino bonuses: What to avoid

Using casino bonuses: What to avoid

Using casino bonuses: What to avoid

Online casinos around the world are trying to attract customers with spectacular promotions, but you need to be careful before deciding where to open your account to make sure your chosen offer is really the best.

In addition to the variety of games, platform stability or customer service quality, a very important element in choosing a casino to play is the welcome bonus offered plus other promotions you can benefit later.

What you should know about casino bonuses?

However, it is a good idea to know from the beginning that almost all the bonuses are accompanied by certain "terms and conditions" and it is only up to you to make sure you inform yourself correctly, about how you can benefit from the bonus.

Here we do not mean how the amount promised by the casino will get into your account - this is very easy - but how you can actually get your money back and enjoy any winnings you have made, gambling online at would be the best example to show how it works.

We therefore insist on the importance of carefully reading the "Terms and Conditions" box before accepting any ???????? ????, whether we are talking about free spins in a particular game, a percentage of the amount deposited, or another special casino promotion like the ones offered by Otherwise, there is the risk of earning an important amount and only discover when you want to make a withdrawal that the money in question does not really belong to you.

Should you avoid casino bonuses?

No way! Bonuses are the perfect way to increase your casino budget considerably. All we recommend is to make sure you choose a right offer and that you know exactly what you are getting. You will only lose a few minutes to read Terms and Conditions, but surely avoid unpleasant situations in which you may find it almost impossible to withdraw any bonus money.

How do you meet the criteria for online bonuses?

Another important aspect that you find only if you read the "Terms and Conditions", usually hidden in the bottom of the page, is how you can run the bonus money as quickly as possible. And here we do not refer to the fastest-richer games, but to a "rule" present in most online casinos.

Not all casino games are "equal" when it comes to running conditions. Thus, slots contribute in most cases to 100 per cent of the running requirements, while blackjack or roulette contributes much less (often only 10 per cent).

Let's say you get a 100 per cent bonus if you deposit $10 with x20 running (20 times the bonus received). You have to place bets worth $200 before withdrawing the bonus and any winnings and doing it by playing Blackjack online.

In this case, you may have the unpleasant surprise to find out that the stakes totaling $200 have contributed only 10% ($20) to the running conditions and you have to play a total of $2000 in blackjack to withdraw the money. Instead, if you staked $200 on slots, the running conditions would have already been met.

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