Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

Undoubtedly, having straight teeth is beautiful. However, braces and Invisalign provide benefits that go beyond how your smile looks. Why is it important to have straight teeth? It's crucial because there are established physiological, social, and even psychological benefits, according to an experienced Vancouver orthodontist Dr. Loo, with whom we spoke. In order to give you results that have a favorable effect on every aspect of your life, a dentist must strike a balance between function and beauty. Here are a few of the key benefits of having straight teeth.

Advantages of Straight Teeth for Health

Improved dental health is one of the main advantages of braces or Invisalign. Because it is directly related to general health and may have a significant impact on quality of life, oral health is crucial. The principal advantages of straight teeth for health are as follows:

Reduces the Chance of Tooth Decay – Because you have greater access to brush and floss, straight teeth remain simpler to maintain. The plaque has additional places to hide when teeth are misaligned and out of place. If plaque is left unbrushed, bacteria in it combine with the food you consume and release acids, which can eventually result in cavities.

Healthier Gums – Having properly aligned teeth allows you to brush and floss, which removes plaque, leading to healthier gums. Plaque can inflame and infect the gums when it gets wedged between crooked teeth if you can't get to it to remove it. Gingivitis is the term used to describe gum disease in its early stages. You frequently encounter gums that are red, swollen, or bleeding. If not treated, this gradually develops into periodontitis. Because the chemicals in plaque erode the bone and ligaments which hold the teeth in place, periodontitis, the more serious type of gum disease, is one of the main reasons why people lose their teeth. Since gum disease has been linked to illnesses including diabetes, preterm birth, stroke, and heart disease, it's also a fantastic illustration of the relationship between general health and oral health.

Reduces Teeth Grinding and Uneven Wear – Inadequate tooth fusion can cause little chips in the teeth as well as uneven deterioration of the enamel. Lessening bruxism, or the habit of grinding one's teeth, might also benefit from better bite.

Enhances Your Ability to Properly Chew – You can chew & speak properly if you have the right bite. Another significant health benefit of having straight teeth as well as an aligned bite is the ability to chew food effectively, which is essential for eating a well-balanced diet that includes all of your essential vitamins and minerals.

Prevents some injuries – Teeth that protrude or thrust out, particularly the upper front teeth, are far more prone to damage. To keep the teeth safe and out of harm's way, orthodontic therapy can move them back into their proper positions.

Can Help With Sleep Apnea and Open the Airway – Orthodontic treatment is frequently beneficial when the cause of sleep apnea is related to the position, size, or anomalies of the craniofacial structure. In children, sleep apnea can occasionally be treated and the associated health effects avoided with a bespoke mouthpiece, interceptive orthodontic treatment using appliances following a round of braces, or Invisalign Teen.

Maintains the Jawbone's Strength and Health – Tooth-supporting bones can become damaged by significant tooth spacing or by an improper bite that places too much strain on the gums and teeth. Pain and tooth loss could ensue from this. This can be avoided by correcting the bite and aligning the teeth.

Reduces Aches and Discomfort by Aligning the Jaw – An improper bite can result in uneven biting forces or pressure on the jaw joint, which could also lead to TMJ pain, headaches, and migraines.

Creates Space for Dental Implants – In some cases, getting orthodontic work is the best method to receive the dental implants you need if you have lost teeth. Dental implants restore chewing and speech functions.

Social Advantages of Straight Teeth

In a perfect world, others' first perceptions of us wouldn't be so largely influenced by our appearance. Unfortunately, it does, and individuals frequently form fast judgments about us based on factors like our attire or grin. According to a study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, those with the perfect smile are seen as more intellectual and more likely to get hired for a position. Subjects in another survey gave those with straight teeth higher ratings for success, health, intelligence, happiness, and money. Smiles have a lot of value in our culture. A straight, beautiful one can provide you an advantage in a wide range of circumstances, including your profession.

The Bottom line

Being taunted about the state of their teeth or having doubts about their smile can have a long-lasting effect on younger patients and teenagers who are still going through their development years.

Adults' quality of life is significantly influenced by their level of confidence. People who are confident frequently feel good about taking on obstacles and forming relationships. According to studies, receiving orthodontic treatment can have advantageous psychological impacts.

As you can clearly see, the advantages of having straighter teeth go far beyond a simple improvement in appearance. Orthodontics has some pretty significant long-term impacts, and aligning the teeth is a definite method to boost your confidence and oral and general health.