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Little Italy Profile
Little Italy Little Italy Profile

Little Italy Profile

Little Italy Profile

Located just West of Centretown, near Dow’s Lake and the War Museum, Little Italy, similar to Chinatown, lives up to its name. The focus of this neighbourhood is, you probably guessed it, Italian food and heritage. A stroll down Preston Street will leave you craving a bowl of pasta, if you’re strong enough to resist any one of the several authentic Italian restaurants along the way.

Over the past ten years, Little Italy has really turned its aesthetic around by repaving roads, putting up new condos, new lamp posts, repainting the mural under the bridge on Preston, and investing in new trees that will only get more beautiful as they grow.

Aside from its Italian cuisine and heritage, Little Italy is also known for hosting Italian-themed festivals every summer in June and September that showcase wine, high-end cars, food, and music.

Even during non-festival months, Little Italy always has something to offer. Whether it’s simply enjoying the views, stopping by an Italian restaurant, grabbing a coffee at an authentic Italian café, or enjoying a drink at one of the eclectic bars. This area is also great for transportation, as it is located near many major bus routes and the O-Train.

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