• By: OLM Staff

Looking for Indian food? Here’s Some of Ottawa’s Best!

As a country, India is a beautiful place. Its religion is synonymous with inner peace and spiritual gurus. As a fashion industry, India is the leader for its colorful fabrics. Regarding food, its culinary history is the result of the combinations of different cultures. India is one world in this world.

Who has not eaten curry? Who has not eaten India’s rice which is characterized by its high quality? Or who does not want to know a little more about this impactful country?

We have some recommended places where you will be able to connect with the Indian culture:

East India Company

This restaurant has been in business for over thirty years and has always enjoyed a reputation for the best East Indian Food in Ottawa. East India Company is well-known for the high quality of food and service provided.

Who would not like to feel like you were in India, even though you are in Ottawa? This place is perfect to take you there since the atmosphere has been created through authentic Indian artwork ranging from 100 to 500 years old displayed throughout the restaurants.

Do you want more information? Visit them: http://www.eastindiaco.com/


Host India

Host India is not a restaurant; this is a history. Host India offers tantalizing authentic Indian food in both ala carte menu and a daily lunch buffet, as well as a Sunday night dinner buffet and delivery/take out. Their menu is diverse, offering a wide number of vegetable, meat, chicken and seafood dishes, all cooked in a variety of styles, sauces and flavors. They offer a taste of classic Indian recipes, modern day favorites and house specialties – and we promise you won’t leave here hungry.

Visit them: http://www.hostindiaottawa.ca/

Little India Café

Little India Café is one of the oldest Indian restauranta in Ottawa, serving delicious and familiar Indian food from the last two decades. This restaurant specializes in Authentic North Indian food and fully has licensed under L.L.B.O.

You will be able to find meals such as paneer pakoras, vegetable samosas, mulligatawny soup, garlic chicken tikka or Indian fish curry.

For more information visit: http://www.littleindiacafe.com/index.html

Kochin Kitchen

Kochin Kitchen was born from the passion of three guys from the state of Kerala –which means the land of the coconuts. The owners love to cook and enjoy the food.

They also take quality and service very seriously, a reason why Kochin Kitchen is always improving. At 271 Dalhousie St. you will have an excellent dining accompany by real Indian food.

Do not let to visit them: http://www.kochinkitchen.ca/home.html

Light of India

Our five best Indian place is located near the intersection of Bank St. and First Ave. This site gives you the opportunity to try not only Indian bread such as chapati, garlic nan bread or masala roti, but also rice dishes as kashmiri polao rice and vegetable rice.

More about them: http://lightofindia.menu.ca/?p=home