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2 Yogis, 3 Kids, 1 Cause

2 Yogis, 3 Kids, 1 Cause

Meet Todd and Amanda Lavictoire. Both are Ottawa yoga teachers who have spent years dedicating their lives to helping others by teaching them to move more efficiently, care for their body, manage chronic pain conditions and find peace of mind. Their positive impact on the larger community is immense, as any one of their students can attest to their knowledge, passion and energy. Amanda and Todd are also parents to Maya 10, Dharma 7 and Ethan 11. But this particular story is Ethan’s.

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For most of his life, Ethan has suffered from chronic migraines. At age 9, doctors discovered a tumour in the language centre of his brain. As loving parents, and health and wellness professionals, Amanda and Todd did everything in their power to help heal their son’s body from exploring dietary cures and physio therapy (including dry needling), to training with one of the best CHEK holistic practitioner in Ottawa, Benjamin Ribkoff. “Ben has been invaluable in Ethan’s personal development, helping him to build confidence and strength,” says Todd.

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For years the symptoms were controlled, but this spring the Lavictoire family received the devastating news that the tumor had doubled in size. After many consultations and trips to SickKids in Toronto, surgery was recommended as a path to full recovery and is scheduled for July 8, 2014.

Unfortunately, yoga teachers do not have insurance to subsidize time off work or medical expenses such as these. In response, friends have launched a fundraiser to financially support Ethan and his family throughout this journey. The money raised will be used to to modify their home to maximize Ethan’s healing, including creating a recovery space in the backyard of their Orleans home. Part of the funds will also help to minimize the financial impact on the family as Amanda takes time off work to care for Ethan full-time.

It is time for all the love and guidance that Amanda and Todd have so generously given to come back to them! Please, forego one latté this week and donate instead to this worthy cause.

For more information or to donate visit Love4Ethan.

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