10 budget-friendly March Break activities from Adventure Seeker Sarah

ABOVE: Remic Rapid is located only 4 kms from Parliament Hill. (IMAGE via Kichi Sibi Winter Trail)

Adventure Seeker Sarah (Sarah Jean Stewart) has a motto: “Do All The Things!!” From the moment her first daughter was born, she has instilled learning and adventure at the forefront of life, expanding her adventurers to five children.

A born adventurer, she finds joy and adventure in everything. While some children struggled to learn geology online during Covid, Stewart took her children to sites to learn about geology from the land.

Her success can be attributed to her passion for learning mixed with her belief that every day is an opportunity to build connections with people, animals and the land. She truly believes that this next generation can make a profound difference in this world, and lives her life adventuring, learning, and writing.

Sitting down with this Adventure Seeker was exhausting at times; she does SO much! While others are binging on the latest Netflix show, she is out there chasing ghosts as a paranormal investigator, walking in the forest connecting with nature (especially lichens) and, most of all, finding fun activities for her children to experience—all on a budget!

I asked Adventure Seeker Sarah to send me ideas on budget-friendly March Break activities in Ottawa, and she did not disappoint. Check the list below and let us know in the comments if you used any of these great ideas! Ottawa has adventure everywhere, so let’s take a look at some budget friendly options:

  1. Hikes: Hiking provides the opportunity to teach the children about nature through opportunities like feeding the Chickadees at Mer Blue or Limekiln Trail or checking the abundant wildlife at Mud Lake. It also provides the opportunity for the kids (and you!) to burn off excess energy!
  1. Remic Rapids: Located four kilometers from Parliament Hill you can view the balanced rock sculptures or go snowshoeing on the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail.
  1. Geoheritage tours: Never underestimate the love of rocks and stones with children. The children have learned online too long these past two years, so take them to a Geoheritage tour to learn about geology in an interactive way! Bring sheets for them to discover and identify the types of rocks and learn along with them!
  1. Downtown Walking Tour:  There is so much to see downtown! Monuments, history, and adventure are everywhere in downtown Ottawa! Walk with the kids and see what THEY discover! It’s free, and you can end with a small treat at one of our amazing local eateries if the budget allows!
  1. BEES: On March 16, Gees Bees has a free online workshop that teaches the children all they need to learn about bees! Get them interested in how honey is made and how they can make a difference in spring by planting a pollinator garden!
  1. Aviation Museum: The Aviation Museum has free programming during March Break!  The kids can be awed by planes and the science of flight without spending any money! You may be raising future pilots after this adventure. It’s free online for preschoolers and free in-person daily 4:00-5:00 and Thursdays 5:00-8:00.
  1. LOVEVisit ByWard Market on March 13-14 to sign a message of LOVE!  Take in a free carriage ride while there!  No cost to you and 100% fun for kids!
  1. Kids Corner Live: Join a unique online experience where the children learn about the Legislative building! It is never too early to start learning civics in this unique and fun way!
  1. Toys R Us: The toy store has free March break programming daily. If the kids ask for toys after, tell them you left the wallet in the car, or if you are worried about YOU buying items, actually leave your wallet in the car. The free activities are more than enough to keep children from age four onward engaged and fulfilled!
  1. Geocaching: Don’t forget this adventure standby. Adventure abounds as you set your GPS to find treasures in Ottawa and the surrounding area!  Your children will discover fun trinkets and know they are successful adventurers! Try watching National Treasure before you go out to really get them ready!

Adventure Seeker Sarah could have filled ten pages of budget-friendly March break activities, but this sampling should keep you busy through the week, helping keep the parents and kids busy while turning your own children into Adventure Seekers, because as Stewart says, “adventure is everywhere”.