10 most effective workouts for fat burn

The problem of excess weight is especially actual in the spring. How to get rid of it? Your best friend is training aimed at reducing excess weight and working out all the muscles. We’d like to offer you 10 most effective workouts for fat burn.

1) Choose endurance exercises. If you have chosen exercises properly, your training will be effective. Efficient exercises will help you achieve new goals in the future. Your attention should be paid to complex exercises. There are many of exercise machines for sale which are very effective in fat burn.  No matter which one you choose, you will be satisfied with the result.

2) Eat more protein food. Approximately 25-30% of the calories that you get from protein foods, burn already in the process of digestion, in contrast to carbohydrates, for which this figure is only 6-8%.

3) Read carefully the composition of the products. If you see a large amount of corn syrup or sugar, exclude these foods from your diet. Do not forget that fat-free yogurt can contain much sugar. So, it is much better to eat a full-fledged product instead of this "dietary".

4) Do exercises in a standing position. According to the results of the research, any exercise performed standing, rather than sitting, burns up to 30% more calories.

5) Combine exercises. Alternate exercises for the upper part of the body with exercises for the lower part of the body. This will let you work out the muscles with a very small break between the approaches, which means that the training will be more effective and take less time.

6) First, do exercises with extra weight, then run. After weight training, you will already be tired, which means, you will burn more calories during a short run. You work less, but get more.

7) Always add at least a small angle when running on a treadmill. Only 1 degree of slope in terms of load brings the run on the treadmill closer to running on the street.

8) Include sprint intervals in your workouts. Short-term loads at the limit of opportunities with short rest intervals between them are excellent at fat burn.

9) Run not for time, but for a certain distance. When you try to just keep within time, you can lower the tempo and run a shorter distance. If you are tied to a certain distance, you burn more calories.

10) Strategies should be changed in a circle. The basic rule for getting any goal is to follow the program. Mostly, those people who try to lose weight, use only high-intensity, exhausting interval training. No doubt, it is great. However, the effect of such exercises is not long-lasting. It goes without saying, if you want to burn fat, the use of boxing equipment is the best option.

Once you leave the gym after a workout, it does not mean you have to finish your active activities. You should keep moving.

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