1000 Islands Harbor Hotel

Photo courtesy of 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel. 

Weekend Escape to the 1000 Islands

Famous for a certain salad dressing, Clayton, New York is also well-known as the gateway to the luxury hotels that dotted the 1000 Islands during the Gilded-Age. Heading into its second summer in operation, the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel is the modern face of this historic little town.

A short hour and 40-minute drive from Ottawa, Clayton is very easy to get to. Crossing into the US over the Hill Island bridge make sure you look down and take in the view of the magnificent archipelago that is the 1000 Islands. There are more islands here than in the Great Barrier Reef. Some are barely big enough to hold the dwellings that perch on them like something from the pages of Dr. Seuss.

HaborHouseHotel_ClaytonThe 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel is located right on the water. It is one of only two dozen hotels in upstate New York to receive the prestigious four diamond rating from the American Automobile Association. The hotel has 105 guest rooms, a great restaurant and bar area along with meeting rooms and free wifi. The gym is very well equipped and there is a hot tub and pool too. The staff is super friendly and the hotel décor is classy conservative. Wonderful historic photographic prints of boating life on the St. Laurence River decorate the walls.

The guest rooms are spacious with a classy cottage décor. The wood floors are a welcome change to standard hotel broadloom and the beds are supper comfortable.

Every morning there are complimentary coffee and hot beverage stations set up on each floor and nightly turn down service includes a pillow chocolate. Nice touch. When you book, it’s worth paying the small surcharge for a river view.

There is a great vibe to the town. Main street boasts a spa, wine bar, general store, gift shops and even an opera house. Summer is the high season here so some of the shops and restaurants are only openly seasonally, including the boating museum.

The hotel is a real gem. Take advantage of one of the many themed weekends or simply visit for a quiet getaway. In the cold of late November, it was a perfect place for a retreat. A return visit in the summer is in order to take advantage of the local boating culture, tour the islands and soak in some sun on the hotel’s great patio.