2 or 3 Things I Know About Her – From Her Handwriting!

There once was a man named Steve who had only $5 in his pocket (which wasn’t his to begin with – he found it!). He was attending a brunch where the woman across the table was selling tarot cards. She said “give me $5” and he bought them. Evolution into palmistry and handwriting analysis and other parlor-style tricks is what followed, culminating in a meeting at Bridgehead between Steve Morrison and I as I delved into having my handwriting analyzed.

Based on a certain methodology, one can see the good and the bad, although Steve decided to concentrate on and accentuate the positive. There are many different points of analysis, including spaces between words, spaces between sentences, how you cross your t’s, how you dot your i’s, upper and lower loops, margins – in fact, there are 175 characteristics to possibly be analyzed!

handwriting 2

I signed a piece of a paper, much as I would sign a cheque, and wrote two or three more sentences about whatever (he doesn’t read what you’re writing, just analyzes the handwriting).

Here’s what my handwriting says about me:

1. On letters such as my h’s, I have a really long lower loop that surpasses three whole zones. The lower zone signifies creativity. However, I have no upper loops, meaning I have all of this creative energy, but I don’t know how to artistically project it. For example, I’d be a better screenwriter than an actress – someone behind the scenes.

2. My margins are very straight – alluding to organization, attention to detail, meticulous awareness, etc.

3. I write on a slight upper slant, meaning I’m optimistic – thinking things will get better as I go along.

4. My writing lapses the masculine (upper) and feminine zones (lower) – signifying a strong sex drive and a passionate personality.

5. The tops of my letters are very flat, reflecting manual dexterity, attention to detail (again) and having the ability to assemble.

6. My  y’s and g’s are closed, indicating that I’m very social with close friends.

7. I cross my t’s fairly high up – signifying optimism and a good balance.

8. I’m communicative… shown by the fact that my letters are round on the bottom like little smiley faces.

9. I am easily distracted because certain words trail off the page.

10. I’m secretive because I have lapses in my letters and it’s known that the middle is the truth. My truths have yet to be discovered.

11. Finally, as some of my letters have upper points with no loops, I’m definitely direct and stubborn.

Understanding yourself is a long and elaborate process that often takes a lifetime to achieve. By having my handwriting analyzed, I’m not figuring it out all at once, but examining patterns, assessing bad habits, discovering strengths, and just using another tool to come to terms with myself.

Steve and his wife own “Ottawa Divination” where they offer a variety of diversions including handwriting analysis, tarot readings, palm readings, face readings, and more. I’m sure you’re all now very intrigued as to what your handwriting has to say about you, and I have two passes (for a handwriting analysis) to give away to prove it! In order for your entry to qualify, you must simply comment on this post. One entry per person please. I will choose the winner using Random.org at noon EST on Friday, August 9 and the passes will be mailed to you.

Good luck!