• By: Allen Brown

3 Best VPS Hosting Services In Canada

VPS hosting is a great choice for small to medium-sized enterprises who have become tired of the storage, uptime, and speed limitations typical of shared hosting. By choosing VPS hosting, you get many of the benefits of a dedicated server, but at a lower price. 

A VPS provides a dedicated server space. You can have any software and operating system installed and don’t share any resources with other users. 

A virtual server is also much less challenging to configure than a dedicated server. The only real advantage a dedicated server has is the speed. This guide details the top three VPS hosting services in Canada. 

1. GreenGeeks

Our first choice provides 24/7 system monitoring and very swift responses to issues, often even before the end user is aware of the issue. GreenGeeks offers advanced security against the most common and damaging cyber threats. The provider ensures DDoS protection and custom security rules.

All accounts are provisioned with a dedicated IP, which is guaranteed to be clean following extensive blacklist checking. The company uses Intel Xeon processors as part of its hosting service, which are known for their reliability and top performance. 

The company has a service uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The hardware is enterprise-level, with top-grade monitoring and data center systems.

If that weren’t enough, storage is lightning-speed. The company hosts client accounts on high-quality RAID-10 SSD arrays, ensuring top speeds for data storage.

All of their VPS hosting accounts are equipped with the OS AlmaLinux 8, a 64-bit system, and preinstalled cPanel. 

And the unique value proposition? They host VPS accounts on 300% renewable energy infrastructure, which is a global feat. An eco-conscious hosting user needs to look no further. 

If you’re already on a VPS but want to switch to GreenGeeks, they will move your cPanel account for free. 


IONOS ensures high loading speeds because the data is stored on the same platform as the web servers. The speed gets an additional boost from the HTTP/2 network protocol IONOS uses. Its web servers run on this protocol, with header compression for traffic and multiplexing. The traffic is secured via SSL encryption.

IONOS ensures scalability by enhancing parallel processing, RAM, and memory as soon as a traffic surge is detected. The hosting provider’s DDoS protection keeps websites online and safe from incoming attacks. Each IONOS hosting package comes with a free SSL certificate. You can purchase additional security packages if you want. Their Expert and Pro offerings come with integrated SiteLock malware protection. SiteLock protects clients from exploits by regularly scanning their web pages.

The hosting provider stores backups of up to six days automatically. If data is lost or deleted, you can recover it easily from restore points. 

One last boost for speed – IONOS’ Cloudflare content delivery network distributes websites to dozens of data centers worldwide so they load fast for visitors everywhere.

3. Hostwinds

Hostwinds offers a wide variety of hosting options and guarantees transparency in its offerings. You can opt for unmanaged or managed VPS hosting, with the latter being slightly more expensive, on a Windows or Linux server. You can choose from ten different hosting plans. 

Hostwinds features unlimited storage, high speeds, and an uptime of 99.9999%. You can migrate an existing website easily, and security is guaranteed with a free SSL certificate. 

Hostwinds also owns all of its servers and offers unlimited bandwidth, nightly backups as part of its most basic plan, 24/7 customer support, and unlimited subdomains. 

Hostwinds accounts are easy to upgrade, so if you expect the traffic to your site to increase in the near future, they’re a great option. As a downside, the prices are not very competitive.