• By: Allen Brown

3 Fun Ways To Document Your Experiences When Travelling

Travelling often feels like a dream as you’re doing something and seeing things that blow your mind. When you get home after a trip, you have the same sense as when waking up from a dream. Did those things truly happen? The sad thing about dreams is that your memory of them fades very quickly. You don’t want this to be the case with your travel adventures, so here are three fun ways to document your experiences to ensure you never forget them. 

Take Photos

Photograph the sights and scenes around you as you travel to distant countries or nearby cities. No matter where you are, there will be things that need to be captured. Photos are excellent as they let you capture a still image of a moment so it becomes frozen in time. There’s a very useful blog on how to take great travel photos that’s worth reading if you have a spare moment. It’ll assist you in creating travel images that look amazing and constantly remind you of wonderful experiences. 

Film A Vlog

Vlogs – or video logs – have become extremely popular amongst travellers. If you look on YouTube, you’ll find countless travel vloggers taking audiences on journeys around the world. Funnily enough this is a fantastic way of gaining travel inspiration and figuring out where to go on your next trip. But it’s also a fine idea if you want to document your own travel adventures. 

Photos are excellent and serve a brilliant purpose, but videos are more immersive. Sometimes, things happen or you see something that needs to be filmed. At the same time, vlogging lets you film yourself and capture your emotions in the moment. You talk about what you’re doing, what you’ve seen, and what the experience means to you. When you look back on these videos in five or ten years’ time, they transport you back to that exact moment. Filming and commentating in public takes some courage, so this might not be an idea that some of you like. 

Make A Travel Log

Instead of a vlog, you could make a travel log. It’s the least expensive of the three ideas, making it ideal for anyone travelling on a budget. You don’t require any fancy equipment – just a sketch pad and some pens will do. 

The ideal is simple; write about what you did today and what you saw. It’s like a journal, though you can use sketch noting in a travel log to bring the pages to life. This is when you sketch things instead of writing about them. For instance, you saw a great mountain range and sketched what it looks like with some small writing underneath. It adds a fun element to your travels as you’re sketching things as you see them, meaning you spend more time actually taking things in. Then, when you come home, there’s a book full of all your adventures to flick through. 

You can choose any of these fun ways to document your travels – or all of them! Each one offers something different and helps you remember experiences in unique ways. They all help your memories stay alive forever, so you can constantly dip into travel nostalgia.