3 Ways to Prevent Yourself From Driving Under the Influence

One of the best approaches to never having to deal with a conviction for driving under the influence is to ensure the event never happens in the first place. Choosing to make responsible choices means you avoid the need to seek legal help, minimize the damage to your reputation, and protect your prospects for the future that would otherwise be limited by a DUI conviction. Employ these three methods and life will be a lot easier.

Make Plans for Someone Else to Drive

You are planning on going out this evening for a special celebration. The intent may be to keep your consumption of alcohol or some other substance to a safe level but things don’t always work out that way. Just in case, it makes sense to arrange for someone else to do the driving.

There’s more than one approach you can employ. One method is to have a friend who does not like to imbibe pick you up and bring you home safely at the end of the evening. An additional benefit of this method is that your friend will be there to stop you from doing something regrettable during the celebration and find yourself having to mend fences with others in the days to come.

You can also arrange for a car service or a taxi to get you to the celebration and come back later to take you home. If you do end up having a little too much, the driver can still get you back to your own bed without any risk to you or anyone else who happens to be on the road that night.

Book a Hotel Room

The celebration will be at a banquet room at a local hotel. Instead of planning on traveling home after the event, reserve a room at the hotel. The chances of doing harm to yourself or someone else as you ride the elevator up to your floor and ultimately make it to your room are somewhere between slim and none. Even if you are having a little trouble finding the elevator, there will be staff who will help you get to the room and make sure you’re okay.

Call for Help

Perhaps you didn’t make any transportation plans ahead of time. Now you realize that you are in no condition to drive and things won’t get any better for several hours. It’s not too late to call for help.

Have someone contact a friend or relative who can drive over, collect you from the party, and make sure you get home safely. The staff hosting the event will also be happy to call a cab  for you and even help you get into the cab when it arrives. Remember that you can always come back tomorrow and pick up your car. That’s a lot better than having to call one of the Guelph DUI lawyers for help in meeting bail and preparing for a court date.

As any of the Mass Tsang criminal lawyers in Mississauga will tell you, an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence is nothing to take lightly. Keep yourself and others safe by choosing to not get behind the wheel. When the morning after comes and no harm was done, you will be grateful for making the more responsible choice.