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300 Reasons to Love New York

300 Reasons to Love New York
By Marie-Joëlle Parent

287 pages • ISBN 978-1-988002-32-3

Discover the real New York. Whether you are already a fan of the Big Apple, or are visiting for the first time, this book will ignite your love for the city that never sleeps and introduce you to a New York that is unique and diverse, bursting with a wide array of neighborhoods and local treasures.

With years of expertise, journalist Marie-Joëlle Parent shares her greatest discoveries, including where to sip a Manhattan in the height of luxury, done on the best pizza, steak, and seafood, and explore the most charming and stunning hotels, little-known museums, and authentic bars and cafés.

She knows where to find amazing walks and picnic stops and which shops have gems in store for you. In these pages, you will discover the best places to watch the sunset, get a short of the Brooklyn Bridge, and run into the city´s most colorful characters. An invitation to experience the city in unexpected ways, often far from the tourist circuit.

300 Reasons to Love New York is a guide to living like a real New Yorker. However, as a city thirsty for new trends, New York is constantly changing, which means that the lifespan of bars, restaurants and hotels varies greatly. In words of Parent “Right up until this book went to print, I walked through the city´s neighborhoods time and time again to ensure that the information was up to date.”

As nothing is safe from the passing time, some establishments might have moved or shut down when you will be visiting New York. Menus, prices, fees, and business hours are provided as a guideline, and are also subject to changes. 

Marie-Joëlle Parent has been a multimedia journalist in New York for several years. In 2013, her Instagram account, which comprises nearly 10,000 photos of the city, was named one of the top 10 accounts to follow by French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur.