4 foods that could be causing hair loss

Hair loss is something that a lot of men are trying to fight today. Clinics like Longevita Procedures are seeing both men and women flying to their clinic from all over the world for hair loss treatments and hair transplants. However, this might not need to happen if you know the causes of hair loss and how to stop them. As well as stress and genetics, your diet could be the reason behind your hair loss and if you’re not careful, it could be permanent. If your hair is starting to look a bit thin, consider cutting out some of these foods from your diet and making some healthy changes, today.


While peanuts aren’t directly responsible for hair loss on their own, for some people they could be a big contributor. That’s because of people’s allergies to peanuts. There is a possibility that you may be allergic to peanuts without even realising it, but rather having an instant allergic reaction, you may have a delayed allergic reaction. Your increased immune response may cause your scalp to become inflamed, which constricts blood flow to your hair follicles. But, this doesn’t just happen with peanuts – shellfish, chocolate and wheat can also cause a delayed allergic reaction. In order to put a stop to this, consider visiting your doctor and getting an allergy test.


Who doesn’t like a cold beer in the summer to refresh them? Regrettably, however, that cold one could be the cause of your cold scalp. Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to a lot of physical ailments and there is a fair chance that it could also be linked to hair loss. The University of Maryland Medical Centre proposed that stimulants like coffee, tobacco and alcohol might irritate or trigger symptoms of hair loss. However, no studies have firmly established a connection between hair loss and alcohol, so the coast may still be clear. 

Sugar-Free Foods

While it’s good to cut down on sugar and opt for healthier foods to sate your cravings, sugar-free foods aren’t what you should be choosing. According to the FDA, a certain type of artificial sweetener in sugar-free foods, known as aspartame, can wreak havoc on your body. It has been linked to bloating, depression, arthritis, impotency, and – as you might have guessed – hair loss. In which, it might be better to treat yourself to something small and sugary every now and then than gorge on ‘diet’ alternatives.


Cake is great, but cake is not great for your hair. Refined carbohydrates like cakes, cookies and white flour have very little fibre but a lot of sugar, which means that any nutrients that you get from these foods are often redirected straight back to your digestive system to help you digest the rest of the food. As well as being nutritionally sterile, the sugar in these foods is just as much of a problem as sugar can make your blood pressure spike and drop as well as inhibit your ability to handle stress. High blood pressure and stress are both linked to hair loss. So, try switching instead to complex carbohydrates, like bananas and wholemeal flour, if you want to keep your hair looking rich and healthy.