4 reasons to buy health insurance that covers maternity

Health insurance that covers maternity is a significant investment given the skyrocketing cost of accessing high-quality healthcare. When it comes to welcoming your bundle of joy to the world, it is always wise to get insurance early on. This will not only help you pass the waiting period quickly but also help you avail of comprehensive maternity policy benefits during childbirth.

So, now is the time if you have been thinking of getting health insurance that covers maternity and holding on to that thought without putting it into action. Here, we give you 5 reasons to buy health insurance that covers maternity.

It's a Financial Backup

Health insurance with maternity cover is an all-inclusive option for both standard and cesarean delivery expenses. So, you don't need to worry about finances if you need to go in for an emergent C-Section, which can be more expensive than standard delivery. Also, if you choose your plan the right way, you can get up to 30 days of pre-hospitalization coverage and up to 60 days of post-hospitalization benefits. Such plans will cover all your expenses from diagnostics, medicines, doctor's fees, surgeon costs, etc.

Cost of Private Hospitalization is on the Rise

The cost associated with private healthcare is rising exponentially. However, it is much in demand due to the quality of healthcare offered at these institutions. Standard delivery at a private hospital can cost you upwards of ₹50,000, and the same can go as high as ₹1 Lakh in the case of cesarean delivery. Moreover, complications can be unpredictable, which can further raise your bill. Health insurance covering maternity can come as a boon by helping you tide over the costs without draining your savings. So, choosing health insurance that covers maternity wisely leaves you free to enjoy the joys of parenthood in peace.

Cover for Newborns

Newborns are generally not covered under health insurance until they are 90 days old. However, that's not the case with health insurance covering pregnancy expenses since your newborn gets instant cover right from birth. The best part is that there are plans available that include the cost of vaccination until the end of the policy year.

Covers you against Complications

Complications like premature birth require the newborn to be put in an incubator for a specified period. It can cost up to ₹10,000 per day depending on the baby's timeframe in the incubator. These charges can quickly pile up. Health insurance that covers maternity shields you against such expenses by covering the cost of such procedures. Some policies even offer coverage for the newborn if the child is born with a critical illness or congenital disorder. So, it's always wise to check with multiple insurers before choosing a plan by carefully evaluating their coverage and exclusions.

If you are looking for health insurance covering maternity, then Care Health Insurance has some of the best maternity plans offering comprehensive coverage for would-be mothers. They have tie-ups with leading healthcare providers in the country, promising you access to quality healthcare services during childbirth.

Care Health Insurance also offers up to 30 days of pre-hospitalization and 60 days of post-hospitalization coverage. Their policies also cover all your end-to-end expenses related to diagnostic procedures, tests, medicines, doctor consultations, surgeon charges, nursing, room rent, etc. Moreover, they have a strong claims team that makes the entire process of filing and claiming health benefits easy, while their industry-leading claims settlement ratio promises reliable mediclaim services when you need that cover the most.

Health insurance that covers maternity is critical for both mother and child; therefore, you should never delay this cover. Now that you know why you need it- check out Care Health Insurance's official website for more details and get started.

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