4 ways to get your vehicle ready for a road trip

Don't let snow stop you — winter is a great time to hit the road for a getaway filled with spectacular scenery and cold weather activities like skiing or ice skating. But car troubles can put a damper on travel, so make sure your car is road trip-ready with these maintenance tips.

Check your tire pressure. Before venturing on that long-haul trip, check your tire pressure. With under-inflated tires, you run the risk of putting pressure on the sidewalls, and with enough heat and pressure, the tires will eventually blow. Proper tire pressure also helps maximize fuel efficiency. Make sure your tires are good to go by consulting your local service shop or the owner's manual. Don't forget to pack a spare as well.

Re-winterize your vehicle. Canadians know a thing or two about winter conditions, and most of us have put in the time and effort to protect our cars from the cold elements. But after a few months of a strong old-fashioned winter, you need to make sure your vehicle is still up to the task of dealing with harsh weather. Start by changing the oil, as it can get thick and collect moisture if it sits in the engine all winter. Also clean the undercarriage of any salt and debris that has collected. The gunk underneath your vehicle can lead to an array of problems, including metal deterioration and engine and transmission issues.

Upgrade the windshield washers. With warm weather around the corner, you need to be prepared for any downpour that comes your way along with random upswings in temperature. In the winter, ice and snow cause havoc on windshield wipers so consider switching them up for new ones to ensure you have the best visibility on the road in any type of weather.

Double check your insurance policy. Despite the best precautions, accidents can happen and it's important to ensure your coverage is sufficient. An insurance provider like Esurance proactively awards safe driving. Get your free insurance quote today online at esurance.ca.