• By: Allen Brown

Omaha Productions’ Chad Powers A New Play in the TV Comedy Game

Media production juggernaut Omaha Productions, under the astute leadership of iconic NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and TV executive Jamie Horowitz, is ready to score again with Chad Powers, a streaming comedy in the vein of mega-hits like the award-winning Ted Lasso.

Founded to make content that uplifts and unifies, Omaha Productions has rapidly emerged as a beacon of creativity in sports media. Jamie Horowitz, with his storied career in shaping sports media landscapes, brings a wealth of expertise and vision to this project. His role in developing programming that resonates with audiences has proved vital in Omaha’s unscripted content and will now be applied to scripted.

What does Manning bring to the table? To start, Chad Powers is based on his younger brother Eli Manning’s — also a football legend — popular skit about being a walk-on college QB. In the scripted version of the show, Russ Holiday is a shining star in Division 1 football, but his career plummets due to off-the-field missteps. Undeterred, he adopts the alias Chad Powers and seeks redemption on a beleaguered Southern team, igniting a journey filled with humor, disguise, and the relentless pursuit of a second chance.

Power Hitters at Omaha Productions

Actor Glen Powell, celebrated for his aerial acrobatics as pilot Jake “Hangman” Seresin in Top Gun: Maverick, is slated to lead, co-write, and executive produce the new Hulu series.

Peyton and Eli Manning serve as executive producers along with Jamie Horowitz, Ben Brown for Omaha Productions. Michael Waldron and Adam Fasullo are producing for Anomaly Pictures.

In a statement, Eli Manning said, “The love for Chad Powers has surprised me in spectacular ways. I played 16 years in the NF, but now when I’m in a restaurant or walking through an airport, it’s not uncommon for fans to scream, ‘Hey Chad.’ I’m so excited to team up with my friends Glen Powell, Michael Waldron, and Omaha Productions to continue to tell the Chad Powers story and see what he does next.”

Powell and Waldron’s vision is clear: to encapsulate the essence of college football’s drama and hilarity. Their collaboration promises to blend Waldron’s narrative craftsmanship, known from Loki, with Powell’s charismatic screen presence, setting the stage for a series that explores the depths of identity, redemption, and the love for the game.

Jamie Horowitz: The Architect of Audience Engagement

Anyone who has followed the evolution of Omaha Productions knows the company, with President Jamie Horowitz at the helm, has become one of the fastest-growing media entities. Horowitz’s creativity has been a key part of Omaha’s success. With projects like ManningCast, which revolutionized sports broadcasting by blending insightful commentary with unscripted entertainment, Horowitz has demonstrated a unique ability to capture and sustain viewer interest. His involvement in Chad Powers promises a series that not only entertains, but also connects with audiences on a new level.

Nothing illustrates Omaha Productions’ success more than ManningCast, which serves as a testament to the company’s innovative approach to sports media. By offering an alternative Monday Night Football telecast that combines expert analysis with the Manning brothers’ charismatic banter, Omaha Productions has captivated a younger audience, signaling a shift in sports viewership trends. This success story, marked by significant viewer engagement and demographic shifts, lays a solid foundation for Chad Powers to build upon, promising a series that appeals to both football enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike.

A Vision for the Future

As Chad Powers gears up for its debut, the anticipation among fans and critics alike is palpable. With Omaha Productions at the forefront, the series is poised to redefine the intersection of sports and comedy on television. The collaborative genius of Powell and Waldron, and the strategic acumen of Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz, underpinned by Omaha’s innovative spirit, heralds a new era in entertainment. As the lines between sports and entertainment blur, Chad Powers stands ready to captivate audiences, proving once again that the heart of the game beats strongest when shared with the world.

In the view of Jamie Horowitz and the team, Chad Powers isn’t just a series; it’s a celebration of football, a testament to second chances, and a bold stride into the uncharted territories of comedy. With Omaha Productions steering the ship, Chad Powers’ journey is more than a narrative; it’s a beacon for the future of entertainment, blending the thrill of the game with the universal language of laughter.