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5 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes from XPLUSWEAR

Every time October rolls around so does the challenge of finding plus-size Halloween costumes. Halloween is an exciting time of year as it provides everyone with the opportunity to embrace their creativity to embody their favourite book character, celebrity or more! The options are endless. Although the market is evolving to produce a greater variety of clothes for everyone, it is still challenging to find plus-size Halloween costumes. Here are the reasons why plus-size Halloween costumes can be challenging for several reasons:

1. Limited Market Perception: Historically, the fashion industry has catered primarily to standard sizes, driven by societal beauty norms. Plus-size offerings, whether in regular clothing or in costumes, have long been an afterthought.

2.  Less Shelf Space: Retailers often allocate less shelf space for plus-size items, including costumes. This is a result of historical sales data, societal biases, or misconceptions about demand.

3. Design Challenges: Designing for plus sizes is not just about increasing the size of a standard pattern. It requires understanding the nuances of larger bodies, such as the distribution of weight, varied body types, and ensuring comfort. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers take the time to do this, leading to poorly fitting costumes.

4. Cost Considerations: Larger sizes can require more material and possibly different manufacturing techniques, which could increase production costs. Some companies might be hesitant to produce larger costumes if they perceive the market as being too niche or not profitable.

4. Stereotypes and Stigmas: Societal stigmas around body size can influence product offerings. Some companies may not want to be seen as endorsing or promoting a plus-size lifestyle, however misguided that perspective might be.

5. Limited Styles: Even when plus-size costumes are available, the variety of styles may be limited, pushing plus-size individuals towards a narrow set of costume choices.

6. Fast Fashion Influence: The fast fashion industry prioritizes quick, cheap production for mainstream sizes. Since Halloween costumes often follow similar production models, this speed and low cost might not extend as readily to plus sizes.

7. Online Shopping Challenges: While online shopping offers more variety, it comes with its own challenges. Sizing can be inconsistent between brands, and returning items that don’t fit or aren’t as described can be a hassle.

However, there’s a growing recognition of the need for inclusive sizing across the fashion industry. As body positivity gains traction and the buying power of the plus-size market becomes increasingly evident, more brands are expanding their size ranges and offering better-designed products for everyone. It’s hopeful that the availability and variety of plus-size Halloween costumes will improve in the future.

Best Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

XPLUSWEAR is the perfect brand for plus size plus size women to shine at all occasions, including the Halloween Night Party) and its Halloween Event. For everyone looking for plus-size Halloween costumes excited to dress up for Plus Size and Plus Confidence, here are the best costumes:

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Ursula Costume Black Inflatable Cosplay Knitted Two Piece Dress Set

The plus-size Ursula outfit is perfect for those wanting a mix of fun and eeriness for Halloween festivities. It comes with a long-sleeved dress and blow-up tentacles, making it versatile for occasions beyond Halloween, like parties or regular outfits. To capture the true essence of the sea sorceress, consider adding a white wig. This pairing will make the character stand out!

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costumes Checkered Print Lace Puff Sleeves Maxi Dress

Prepare to dominate Halloween as the majestic Queen of Hearts in the plus-size costume tailored for the role. This eye-catching outfit showcases a checkerboard design, billowing sleeves, and detailed lace accents. The highlight, however, is the full skirt, offering both comfort in movement and a bold statement to your appearance. When you wear this outfit, anticipate a stream of praises on the special occasion.

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Black Skeleton Print Cold Shoulder Split Knitted Maxi Dress

Purchasing the Xpluswear Design’s skeleton print dress will undoubtedly make a bold statement and guarantee you’re the center of attention at any Halloween event. It is easy to accessorize, offers elegance and ease of movement and is perfect for themed parties. It is also a unique design which will stand out and make an impression.

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Red Mesh Tulle Satin Mini Dress (With Bow Tie)

Choosing the plus size ringmaster costume is a surefire hit! Its striking hue, premium material, and the delightful inclusion of tulle make for a contemporary yet playful outfit that exudes charisma and assurance. The bow tie is an essential detail, adding a hint of classic allure and rounding out the look impeccably. For an added flair, complement it with chic knee-high boots.

Xpluswear Design Plus Size Halloween Costume Orange Witch Cold Shoulder Mini Dress (With Hat) [Pre-Order]

Witch outfits are as fundamental to Halloween as pumpkins. Now, imagine fusing the two – that’s precisely what the plus-size pumpkin witch costume does. It doesn’t stop there, though! The attire introduces a stylish cold shoulder design and is adorned with cute bows. Plus, the iconic pointed hat comes with the costume.


October presents an annual quest for plus-size Halloween costumes, revealing the gaps in the fashion industry’s inclusivity. The challenges range from limited market perceptions, design complexities, to societal stigmas. However, with growing awareness and demand for inclusive sizing, the industry is slowly adapting. Brands like XPLUSWEAR are at the forefront, offering a range of stylish and well-designed plus-size costumes, ensuring everyone can celebrate Halloween with flair and confidence. For anyone who wants to save on their next halloween costume, check out XPLUS WEAR‘S Halloween savings: Over $79 Get $20 Gift, Over $99 Get $40 Gift Buy early and prepare early for the Halloween party!

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