5 Big Tips To Keep Your Home Toasty In Winter

Ottawa looks like it belongs on a postcard in winter, which has its downsides too. Even though it looks gorgeous outside you don’t want to be freezing inside your home. I’m sure you’ll want to avoid switching your heating to full blast too.

If you don’t want to waste large amounts of energy you’ll need to get creative. You can carry out some little jobs around your home. It will help protect you from the nasty weather outside. Let’s discuss a few things you’ll be able to do.

1. Planting Trees In Your Garden

It’s common to plant trees in front of your windows to cool your home during summer. Luckily it works in the opposite way too. If you scatter trees around your home now they’ll be ready to keep you warm in winter.

Plant evergreens in positions where they’ll block heavy wind from hitting your windows and doors. You need to plant normal trees where the sun sits, because it will reach your home when the leaves fall off.

2. Resealing All Your Windows

When cleaning windows Ottawa residents need to be a bit more careful. If you look closely you’ll see lots of micro cracks where they meet your walls. They will need to be sealed up before the cold weather strikes.

You might not be able to notice it now, but they’ll let out so much warm air. I think you’ll be able to reseal everything yourself without any troubles. You will need to pick up a sealant gun if you don’t have one.

3. Move Your Furniture Around

If you want to get the most out of your central heating move your furniture around. Your sofa shouldn’t be too close to any radiators. It will absorb most of the heat that is supposed to be making its way around your living room.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice because your room is so small, but you can pull it further away from your wall. You’ll also need to check your bedroom, or you might feel a bit uncomfortable in the mornings.

4. Insulate Your Attic Properly

Roughly 25 percent of the heat inside your home leaves via the roof, because warm air rises upwards. Unfortunately, the insulation in your attic at the moment has probably been there since you bought your home.

If it’s tired and worn it won’t be able to keep heat inside. You’ll need to lay new insulation if you want to solve the problem. Also, you should do something about your attic hatch because it lets air through.

5. Use Your Curtains Effectively

First of all, you should buy the thickest curtains you can find. It will help out a lot when it’s chilly outside. You need to keep them open during the day to let lots of sunlight inside your rooms.

Once the sun disappears you should close your curtains straight away. This time it’s going to stop your warm air from escaping. If you have thin curtains it’s not going to keep much warmth inside.

It Doesn’t Matter How It Looks Outside

I’m sure you’ll love the view while driving to work, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful it looks outside. It’s much more important to ensure you’re comfortable. You’ll appreciate how much these basic tips help.