5 Healthy Habits For Seniors

You’ve lived a life filled with some of the best experiences that have made you who you are, but why stop there? You can continue to feel even better by making your wellness a priority! There’s no doubt about it; we are creatures of habit. Changing our routine, even in the smallest way possible, can really impact our mental health and physical health but is it necessarily for the worse? From investing in mobility scooter accessories to put your mind at ease on the go to making the effort to do something outside the box, regardless of what you do now, read about our five recommended healthy habits for seniors below.

Stay Physically Active

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in preventing serious health-related problems. Staying physically active doesn’t necessary mean visiting the gym seven days a week – a brisk morning walk or water aerobics can do the trick! Just 30 minutes of physical exercise three days a week can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise can also help improve muscle and bone health to prevent osteoporosis, improve your sleep and help control your weight.

Eat Healthily

It’s easy for seniors, especially those who live alone, to quickly get into unhealthy eating habits, whether consuming easy pre-made frozen meals or junk food, such as crisps and sweets, on a regular basis. Ensuring you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and meat will help ensure you are putting the correct nutrients into your body, and preventsyou needing to snack on the unhealthy goods stored in the cupboards!

Visiting the Dentist

Unfortunately, the risk for cavities increases with age, just like the risk of several mouth infections. These can even go on to increase the chances of serious health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. While keeping up with dental care is challenging for many seniors, it is vital. Some senior dental problems can be common, from the typical dry mouth to periodontal disease, but looking out for your oral health helps protect your gums and teeth from more serious problems! There’s more to looking after your mouth than simply drinking tap water and quitting smoking, so visit your dentist to see what you can do for your own oral health.


We may not realise it, but a significant contributing factor towards good mental health is how much we socialise on an on-going basis. The best way to stay social is to go out with friends on a regular basis, or sign up for fun activities you can partake in with other people, such as art classes. Not only will attending help you remain positive, it could even reduce the morbid risk of premature death by 14%.  

Establish good sleeping habits

No matter what age you are, it is important to establish good sleeping habits and maintain them. Although a restful night is vital for a healthy mental and physical state alike, few of us are able to get a good night rest. For many adults, frequent waking and insomnia are common struggles that can be addressed by sticking to a regular sleep schedule or taking a warm bath before you lay your head to rest for the night.