• By: OLM Staff

5 Holiday Gifts for Long-Distance Loved Ones

Sending just the right gift can be difficult when family or friends live far away. Often the distance has left us out-of-touch with their tastes and interests – and the last thing we want is to send something they don’t like, or can’t use, so that your gift is nothing but clutter.

Here are five suggestions to express your love across the miles:

1. Think envelope: Find something small yet thoughtful that can fit in an envelope and qualify for a later mailing date. Maybe have your kids cut out paper snowflakes so loved ones can stick them up in a window.

2. Send words: In a world where many send the same Christmas letter to 50 different people, take the time to compose an e-mail directed especially to your friend or family member.

3. Tell a visual story: Put together a small online photo album with pictures of times you’ve shared together.

4. Shop local: Google search for a bakery close to where they’re living or staying, and place an online order for their favourite cookie or the local delicacy.

5. Honour them: Online you can arrange to send a gift of charity. A web site called World Vision Gifts has a selection to suit every personality on your list, while helping a family in a developing country. For example, if your loved one enjoys gardening, you can give fruit trees in their name.