5 Money Saving Apps You Need to Download Now

It seems like no matter what we do in life, we just never have enough money to do all the things we want to do and buy all the things we want. With spring around the corner and summer on the horizon, you’re probably starting to budget for vacations and other big expenses. Need some help saving money? Well, look no further than your smartphone! Here are 5 free smartphone apps that will not only help you save money, but that you can actually EARN money from in very easy ways!


If you’re someone that spends a lot at a variety of different stores and restaurants, Drop is the app for you! Drop works by awarding you points after you’ve “supercharged” your debit or credit card through the app. You do this by simply connecting your card to the app by using your online banking login information in a couple of very easy and secure steps. You then select 5 participating stores, services or restaurants to “supercharge” your card with and you’ll earn points every time you spend there. Participating brands include Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Sephora, McDonald’s, Indigo and much more. Once you reach certain point thresholds, you can use your points to redeem gift cards for a variety of places like Amazon, Cineplex and iTunes to name a few. The app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play.

Carrot Rewards

Ok, Carrot Rewards is seriously amazing. This Canadian app, backed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, rewards you for being conscious about health. You simply connect the app with one of your existing loyalty accounts out of the list provided which includes SCENE, Aeroplan Miles, PETRO-POINTS, MORE REWARDS and Drop. You earn points by answering little health-related surveys in the app. To earn even more points, connect the app to Apple Health or your FitBit and you will earn points every day you exceed your daily steps goal. We highly suggest using this app to collect points on your Cineplex SCENE card as the points add up really quickly and who doesn’t love free movies? The app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play


Paymi is similar to Drop, but instead of points, you’re rewarded with actual cash that is transferred straight to your bank account! Once you connect your card, you can start earning cash back from a variety of different stores and restaurants including Harvey’s, Simon’s, Subway and Walmart. The Rideau Centre right here in Ottawa has actually partnered with Paymi through their “Feel the Love” campaign to offer a bunch of exclusive offers over the next month, with up to $10 cash back at some of their stores. Additionally, Paymi users have exclusive access to the “Feel the Love” VIP lounge at the Rideau Centre, a gorgeously furnished nook on the third floor with comfy couches, power outlets and free goodies like snacks and drinks. The app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play

Checkout 51

Groceries are a necessary expense, so honestly any cash back we can get back on our weekly grocery expenses is a gift. That’s where Checkout 51 comes in! This app is great if you’re a little more old school and don’t do online banking or don’t feel comfortable linking your credit or debit card. You simply look through the weekly cash back offers on common household and grocery items, select the ones you will be buying and then, after your shopping trip, scan your receipt using your smartphone camera. And voila! Once approved, you’ll receive the cash back credit and once you reach the $20 threshold, you can request a cheque that will be mailed to you. The app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you’re someone who downloads a lot of music or movies from the Google Play Store, or an avid PokémonGO player who likes to stock up on Poké Balls, you need to download this app! Google Opinion Rewards is a simple app that rewards you with Google Play credit for completing mini-surveys. These surveys are usually just 1- 4 multiple choice questions in length, take literally a minute to complete and can reward up to $2 in credit! The app is available for download through both Google Play and the App Store. If using an Apple device, the credit will be awarded to you as cash through PayPal rather than as Google Play credit.