• By: Kat Walcott

5 things to do on the Rideau Canal Skateway this weekend

Photo: @lilyslensonlife

Ottawa rejoice! The world-famous Rideau Canal Skateway is finally open for the season, and we can hardly contain ourselves. For the first time in 20 years, the entire 7.8 km of the Skateway was opened simultaneously on opening day, and Ottawans can’t get enough with thousands already taking advantage of the perfect skating conditions we’ve had this past week.

Thinking of hitting the ice this weekend? Here are five things to do as you explore this stunning National Historic Site. Don’t forget to mask up!

See how far you can skate

For the first time in a while, the entire length of the Skateway is open, so challenge yourself to skate as far as you can! The official starting point is at Rideau, and each time you reach one of the five rest areas, the sign will let you know how far you’ve skated. How fast can you make it all the way to the Hartwells Locks? Try racing a friend!
Photo: @maple_brussels

Grab a Beavertail

Skating on the Canal and Beavertails go hand in hand. We don’t make the rules. Beavertails stalls are located at four out of the five rest areas (Rideau, Concord, Fifth, and Bronson), so definitely grab one with a side of hot chocolate to warm you up and give yourself a boost!
Photo: @sidewalks.and.pinetrees

Dig into a poutine

If a Beavertail isn’t enough to fill you up, fast food like poutine is also available at the Concord, Fifth, and Bronson rest areas. After a long skate on the Rideau Canal, a nice, hot routine sounds like heaven to us!
Photo: @00keefer

Rent an ice trike

Ever heard of an ice trike? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like–a tricycle/sled hybrid made for the ice. This exciting vehicle is exclusive to Capital Skates and is a fun and relaxing alternate way to enjoy the Canal if you or your partner is not a strong skater. Rentals for the ice trike are available at both the Rideau and Fifth rest areas and start at $46.
Photo: @YungYungx

Go for a stroll

Not a skater? No worries, it’s perfectly okay for you to walk along the Canal! As long as you stay towards the edge of the Skateway, out of the way of skaters, it is a beautiful and safe walking destination. Take your time, sip on a hot chocolate, people watch, and take in all the gorgeous downtown Ottawa views.
Photo: @malickinc