5 Tips To Make Your Urban Garden Beautiful

Tight spaces, little privacy, and limited sunlight. It can be tough growing a garden when you live in a city like Ottawa. In older, denser neighbourhoods like Sandy Hill or The Glebe, you can be really pressed for space. Don’t let the challenge deter you. With a few tricks, you can design an urban garden in Ottawa that will add life and greenery to your backyard. You can have your tranquil outdoor space in no time if you try out a few of these ideas.

#1 Give Up the Lawn

Older, urban neighbourhoods are known for their close quarters and small outdoor spaces. If your backyard is small, you can give up your back lawn and convert the whole area into a private, well-tended garden. In an interview on Garden Design,Washington, D.C.-based gardener William Morrow recommends giving up on lawns if you have limited space. He argues that the maintenance and chemicals needed to keep a lawn looking good are better used on a garden.

#2 Work Around Your Trees

It’s tempting to cut down a tree that doesn’t fit your vision. Norway Maples are known to cast dense shade, keeping your garden in the dark, while its roots are known to suck up all the nutrients in the soil. Willows and quaking aspens are also thirsty. Black walnuts actually release toxins that can kill other plants, whereas trees like the gingko biloba drop fruit that can turn your yard into a mess. But in Ottawa, you may not be allowed to remove a tree without a permit if the trunk is larger than 50 cm in diameter.

#3 Create Privacy with a Trellis

One of the drawbacks to an urban backyard is the lack of privacy. You’re up so close to your neighbors that it can feel like you have nowhere to retreat out of sight. With the help of a trellis plants like clematis Josephine, Kentish belle, and nasturtium will add both color and privacy to your backyard. Climbing plants are known for attracting butterflies and adding rich scents to your yard. You can order a wide range of garden trellises online, where you can find dozens of styles and delivers straight to your door. From A-Frame wood to steel gothic, your trellis options are endless. You can also have your trellis delivered for free from the right source.

#4 WroughtIron Furniture

Patio furniture is an important choice in a small garden. Wrought iron furniture is ideal in small spaces thanks to its airy frames. You can also pack up cushions when it rains without having to worry about leaving the rest of the furniture out in the elements. A small gazebo or umbrella can create a beautiful, shaded nook for dining or morning coffee surrounded by your garden.

#5 Potted Seasonals

You can add seasonal variety to your garden with potted plants without having to start your garden from scratch. Terracotta pots make it easy to introduce spring-flowering bulbs or crocuses, dahlias, and begonias in the fall. In the winter, Lenten rose, snowdrops, and winter aconite can add life even in the snow. Place them where you can easily see them from indoors.

An urban garden can be an all-seasons delight that livens up your home and creates privacy in your backyard, even in Ottawa. These tips can make your urban garden a reality.