5 Tremendous Ways to Make Your Corporate Retreat All It Can Be

By Michael Sanduso

Your company is on the cusp of moving to a whole new level. To help prepare the team, you decide to hold a weekend corporate retreat. As you work with a professional event planner, consider including these elements as ways to create the perfect environment and improve team dynamics. The results will pay off in a big way in the months and years to come.

Fun Team Building Activities

Not everything has to be serious in order to make a point. In fact, you’ll find that some team building activities that have everyone laughing at first will likely lead to some deep discussions. A planner can help you choose activities that amuse, entertain, and ultimately lead to the type of thoughtful interaction you hope to achieve.

Breaking Bread During the Retreat

Quite a bit of good is achieve while people eat together. Make sure the meals are planned, served on time, and there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. It helps to have snacks that are healthy as well as tasty on hand for breaks and in between activities. People talk, laugh, and bond as they eat, so see this as an investment in forging deeper ties in the workplace.

Using Breakout Sessions

They go by many different names but breakout sessions allow your employees to separate into smaller groups, discuss a topic in more detail amongst themselves, and then share their insights with the larger gathering. People who may be a little shy about speaking up in front of everyone often find it easier to share with four or five people. Some of the ideas that come out of those smaller groups could make a big difference in terms of company growth and culture.

Setting Aside Some Private Time

As experts from event companies will attest, including blocks of time for everyone to spend some time alone is good for everyone. Your employees need some private time to mull over what they’ve learned in the sessions, both in terms of the presentations and what others had to say. Providing time for people to spend a little time sorting their thoughts could provide the basis for some stimulating conversations during the upcoming sessions.

Taking Everyone Seriously

One of the key elements of any corporate retreat is taking the reactions of employees seriously. Perhaps you have some hopes for the way they will react to different activities, topics, or information. Keep in mind that your goal is to create as more cohesive team. That often means providing space for people to articulate their thoughts then seek ways to merge those divergent concepts into an approach that is positive for everyone. While this will require some flexibility on your part and the part of those who facilitate the workshops and sessions, the benefit of making sure everyone is taken seriously is worth the effort.

Plan your retreat carefully and make sure the goals are precise and understood from the very beginning. With help from an expert planner, you and your employees will gain valuable insights that will help your business move forward.