5 Trends You’ll Want In On This Spring

Spring has arguably arrived and it’s time to start considering how to step up your wardrobe. This season is the time for energy and change. Why not take the opportunity to express this through your style? Back in the fall, New York Fashion Week predicted the trends we’re starting to see for the spring. Here are five fashion trends to keep in mind this season:

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots have been around since the 20’s and therefore have maintained a long history in women’s wardrobes. Polka dots can be versatile. From the beach to the office, there are plenty of ways to wear this trend. This pattern can be quite cute and romantic on a dress or make a bold statement on a suit. Different sized dots and spreads are eye-catching when paired together. Try combining polka dots on accessories and outfit pieces to really make your outfit pop.

2. See-through Layering

Styles such as crochet, fishnet, knitted, and lace clothing are perfect for layering, offering a lot of diversity. Materials and colors can create a complex and interesting outfit. Depending on how you layer these pieces, you can decide if you want your outfit to be romantic, edgy or boho. Keep yourself breezy and cool with see-through pieces.

3. Utilitarian

Pockets, buckles, straps and buttons. The utilitarian trend is making its appearance this spring. For those who prefer a more toned-down and simple outfit, this could be the choice for you. Neutrals and army green are the statement colors for this look. Buckles on jackets are a great alternative to traditional type ups. With an abundance of pockets on jackets and cargo pants, there should be plenty of room for your personal items. There are a ton of ways to wear this style. The utilitarian-style jacket seems to be a very prominent item this season. In warmer weather, a sleeveless jacket with plenty of pockets is a great piece, one you may find yourself wearing over and over again. If you are looking for some bottoms, consider a pair of flowing cargo trousers that leave you feeling breezy and fresh.

4. Feathers & Frills

Who would have ever thought that the feather boa would make a comeback? For this spring, think detailing. Feathers, ruching, frills, strap detailing. The devil is in the details. If you are bold and demand attention, there’s nothing that will get you noticed quite like a feathery jacket. For the natural born diva, embellished pieces in your wardrobe can make you stand out. If you want to keep your closet relatively simple, check out some accessories such as a clutch or some earrings to spruce up your simple outfit.

5. Surf

Tie-dye, band tees, floral print, sandals, shorts, baskets. Surf seems to be another trend for the impending warmer weather. Keeping it simple and laid back is the beauty of this look. It is relatively low-maintenance with only a couple pieces needed to complete your outfit. Of course, personal touches like beachy waves and a natural glow can take the look to the next level. Though spring is taking its time to show, the surf look can make you feel like summer's already here.